Manage all of your Recruiting Agencies from within our web-based applicant tracking system.

With the Pereless Enterprise ATS, the Agency portal will auto-detect potential duplicate candidates already in your ATS database.  Why should you pay a fee for a candidate that applied for free?!  You can choose which jobs to submit to your agencies, accept or reject candidates based on job requirements, and see which agencies are giving you the highest returns on candidates!

Put your Agencies to work!

  • Accept or reject your Agency candidates – Avoid paying fees for poorly matched agency candidates by reviewing them first.
  • Choose which jobs to send to your agencies – Select which agencies you want to recruit for a job based on areas of expertise.
  • Never pay fees for candidates who applied for free on your public career page – The Pereless ATS software will detect duplicate candidate submissions so you can avoid fees.
  • Report on Agency performance – Our powerful reporting tools will help you identify which agencies are yielding the highest returns on candidates and provide valuable cost per hire information.
  • Scalable and Flexible – Submit your new hires to e-verify using our onboarding portal.



“I love how the Agency Management Portal blocks duplicate candidates. Candidates are very resourceful these days and we can’t afford to be paying fees for those who applied for free on our website! ”

- Large Restaurant Chain

“We saved a fortune with the Agency Management Portal by eliminating agencies that weren’t performing for us.”

- Business Intelligence Company