Create & Post Jobs In Real Time To Your Fully Branded Career Page or Intranet Portal!

Pereless Systems hosted and managed career portals allow candidates to seamlessly apply and enter your Applicant Tracking System. With our robust reporting tool, you can easily report on employee applications and find out that your best candidate(s) might already work there!

Find, hire and retain the best talent – they may be right under your nose!

  • Simple application process – With just a few clicks inside your company intranet, your employees can enjoy a seamless application process that matches the look and feel of your website.
  • Posting a job is easy – Post jobs to your career page, SimplyHired,, Glassdoor and Job Central in one click! Create a transparent, entrepreneurial environment to offer your employees new and challenging opportunities with a Branded Intranet Portal
  • Manage employee information – Your employees can easily log in to the Employee Portal and update personal information like resumes, contact information, certifications and licenses.
  • Scalable and Flexible – Intranets are powerful tools and can be linked to other corporate databases. By centralizing all of your employee information in one web-based application, you can save time and money across several different platforms.
  • Preserve Anonymity – Intranets are excellent platforms for knowledge management. Employees can be sure that their application won’t end up in the wrong hiring manager’s hand!



“My Employees are always checking the intranet career portal. They love knowing there is potential for growth within the organization, and getting a chance to apply before the job is posted publicly!”

- Fitness Company

“Our Branded Employee Portal allows us to comply with federal job posting regulations by ensuring everyone gets a chance to apply to new opportunities.”

- Government Agency