Day 1 will never be the same – Onboard your new hires in a big way with the Pereless Onboarding Portal!


First impressions are lasting impressions!

As part of the integrated Pereless ATS solution, the Onboarding portal will welcome your new hires to the organization and allow them to complete the necessary new hire documentation. Inside the Portal, new hires can access company information like benefits and social media sites, view training videos, review company policies and come prepared for their first day on the job.


Spend Less Time on New-Hire Paperwork and Training!

  • Customized messaging – Welcome your new hires with personalized messaging and convey your company culture.
  • Unlimited document and link storage – Provide your new hires with links to benefits, training videos and social media sites. Upload all important tax forms and policy documentation.
  • Assign & monitor new hire tasks – Show your new hires that your company is organized and accountable.
  • Electronic signature capabilities – We convert your documents for electronic signature which means less printing and scanning.
  • Update EEO Information – New hires can update personal profile, contact and EEO information for more robust reporting.



“The Pereless Onboarding Portal made my new hires feel more connected and appreciated. We spent less time on Day 1 paperwork and more time getting acquainted. We would recommend this to any Pereless user!” 

- Large retail user

“Submitting my new hires to E-Verify was a breeze with the Onboarding Portal. This feature will save us time and money while reducing litigation risk in the future.” 

- Government Contractor