Pereless Solutions

The Pereless Applicant Tracking system is enterprise-level businesses’ smart solution to recruitment management. Gain a competitive advantage, see greater returns on hires and increase profitability with our intuitive platform built for the modern-day recruiter.

  • Pereless Applicant Tracking System


    Manage your candidate pool within a fully searchable database. Maintain all of your job postings within one easy-to-use system. Utilize custom and industry standard reports to measure meaningful HR metrics. With all your job and candidate information just a click away, Pereless is the ideal recruiting software for mid- to large-sized companies.

  • Branded Career Portals

    Custom hosted career portals are designed to match your corporate website branding, providing a seamless user experience. Post your jobs publicly or internally to your intranet with a fully customizable application process to enhance the candidate experience.


  • Add-on Modules

    The Applicant Tracking Systems comes with robust functionality for the contemporary recruiter. It can be easily customized and scaled to meet large companies’ recruitment processes with add-on modules like a personalized Onboarding portal, Agency Management portal, iSkills Assessments and Job Board integrations.

The Technology

Pereless is always evolving to meet the simple and complex needs of modern HR Recruiters for enterprise-level companies. Our flexible, web-based recruiting software ensures a highly functional, scalable and easy-to-use application.

  • SaaS Infrastructure


    Built on the latest technology, Pereless is deployed using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. No software to install, no hardware to configure – just start your web browser and login!

  • 24/7 Reliable Technology


    Pereless is available all day, every day. With guaranteed fast speeds, reliability, security and a 99.9% uptime, our software adds efficiency to enterprises' talent acquisition efforts. Best of all, you can access Pereless from your favorite web browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

  • Partnerships

    With our growing list of preferred technology partners, Pereless promises the latest technology paired with the highest level of service and security through a suite of integrated solutions. Our enterprise applicant tracking system is designed to combine the best-of-breed technologies to ensure your HR recruitment strategy’s efficiency and success.