Not Hiring? You Can Still Passively Recruit With This Tool…

Is your company career site optimized to its full potential? Even if you are not actively recruiting for positions, you can still passively recruit job candidates by adding a talent network portal to your site. Talent networks provide individuals interested in working for your company an easy way to submit their contact information, resume files, and skill portfolios for future consideration.

Applicants who wish to enter the talent network simply sign up using their email address or login credentials from sites like LinkedIn and GitHub to create an applicant profile detailing their qualifications and showcasing their experience. Once completed, their information is saved and sourced into an internal talent pool within an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can be easily accessed by hiring teams when needed. The ATS system will even trigger alerts to candidates within the talent network when positions aligning with their qualifications are made available.

Pereless Systems Talent Network

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Candidates attracted to your company based on reputation are more likely to be qualified, compatible with company culture, and remain long-term employees if hired.   Providing them an open door to potentially become an employee is not only a smart employer branding strategy, but also provides recruiters an instant list of qualified and interested talent when they need to start filling jobs.  It is a win-win situation for both parties!


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4 Unique Hiring Strategies

There are many ways to attract potential employees to you company. You want to have a successful hire, but you can draw in candidates with tools other than social media and online postings.

1. Search outside of the US

Once your company is big enough, do not limit your job hires to only people in the US. Look into international hires. Many international candidates have the skills that you need and a foreign perspective can bring new ideas to the company.

2. Billboards

Although most people will search online for a job, a billboard in a more populated area is likely to gain quite a bit of attention, especially if you are looking to hire within a certain radius. Billboards will not only get your brand more visibility but it is also a unique way to display “Now Hiring.”

3. Creative business cards

Your business card can be a lot more than just a name and contact information. When spreading the word of your open job position, hand out some well-designed business cards. This shows that both you and the company that you are a part of are innovative and different. You can see some business card ideas here.

4. Use videos

You can have some typical social media postings to show that you’re hiring, but a creative or funny video may be more likely to attract candidates. You can find out more about creating a social media campaign here. This also sets your company apart from the competition.

The job market is extensive and competitive, attracting the perfect hire is a process, but these small steps can at least bring your company some positive attention. After you have brought in several candidates through your creative hiring strategies, make sure that you have the best ATS to handle it.

5 Ways to Build a Cooperative Team in the Office

You may have your ups and downs amongst employees, but there are ways to have an efficient and motivated team.

Make sure that everyone has the same goal.

Although having a goal seems simple enough, not everyone may grasp what exactly your company is working towards. Whether it is to increase sales, broaden your brand name, or to send a message, everyone must be on the same page. This creates a much better understanding amongst all employees. Also, be sure to prioritize and organize if your company has multiple different goals.

Don’t be afraid to make changes.

If your current team of employees is just not collaborating effectively, don’t be afraid to take a leap. This could mean letting someone go or hiring new people. Branch out a bit and look for millennials or other unique personalities to add to your work environment.

Team-building exercises

Some team-building games may seem a bit silly to partake in, but they help to create communication and trust. Additionally, team-building exercises are great ways to break the ice if employees do not interact often. A good team-building method is random lunches with employees. Have employees sit with different people that they do not normally sit with for lunch. Soon enough employees will hopefully feel more comfortable around each other and it will allow for more ideas to flow.

Ensure that your employees stand behind your company.

Employees may enjoy working and the environment which they are working in, but a solid team of employees truly believes in the product or service that they are working for.

Establish definitive roles.

This somewhat stems from the first point, “make sure that everyone has the same goal.” Each employee should have a detailed understanding of their responsibilities in the office. This way there will not be a clash as to who does what. You do not want employees to have either far too much or far too little work to do.

Having a strong, defined, and collaborative team in your workspace is a sure way to help your company succeed.

Top 3 Challenges of Hiring Millennials

Millennials make up a massive portion of the workforce, and there are several benefits to hiring them. However, recruiters may find challenges with both hiring and integrating millennials into a company. Here are some of the biggest challenges.

Job market perspective

71% of recruiters say that it’s a candidate-driven market while 53% of millennials say that it’s an employer-driven market. With this mostly split view of the market there may be discrepancies between what recruiters are searching for and what millennial candidates are searching for.

Career expectations

With the high cost and years of effort that it takes to obtain a degree, millennials are typically unsatisfied with low-paying jobs with little responsibility. Millennials are ambitious, so that entry-level position in their field that makes under $50,000 a year just simply is not as fulfilling. Many millennials become frustrated with the amount of time it takes to work their way up the ladder to achieve higher pay and greater responsibilities. There are many capable millennials out there that are more than prepared for whatever their field of work may be.


A company should be tech-savvy in all areas whether it is hiring, social media, or e-commerce. Technology becomes a challenge when hiring millennials if a company is out-of-date with their digital services or online presence. Not only will it be more difficult for both millennials and other candidates to find your company, millennials will especially feel underwhelmed without any sort of technology usage in a company.

When scouting out candidates for a job, carefully consider these challenges but do not be afraid to take a chance on millennials. All of the above challenges are easy to overcome with the right company culture, fair salary, updated technologies, and an open mind.


6 Reasons Why Your Business May Not be Growing

There are several resources and readings out there with details on how to make your business grow. It is important to consider what will help a company expand, but it is also equally important to understand what may be hindering your growth. Once you get past these growth-halting factors, your business can thrive.

  1.     No social media or website

  2.     Not analyzing properly

You should be analyzing and tracking every aspect of your company. This includes sales, social media activity, and hiring activity if you are trying to expand. As you track the numbers in these areas, you will start to see what makes your business tick.

  1.     You haven’t built up a positive image yet

This factor also ties into having a strong social media presence. You want the best reviews possible for your business. It is important to remember that customers are much more likely to share a negative experience rather than a positive experience with your service or product, so try your best to prevent any negativity!

  1.     You haven’t found the right audience

It is essential to target your service or product at the right group. Make sure that you are advertising correctly and in the right places.

  1.     You need more referrals

Sometimes simply encouraging customers to spread the word may help you gain referrals, but also consider implementing a reward system for referrals. An example of this is $5 off your product or service if a customer refers a friend. Although this may not apply to all companies, referrals help you grow!

  1.     You aren’t hiring the right people

An efficient ATS is one of the most important parts of hiring, but in addition to that you should also take the time to research the steps of successful hiringYour employees what make your company!  

If you can get past some of these hindrances you will start to see some growth in your company. Just remember to analyze everything along the way!  


VR Meets HR

VR has been making its way into the recruiting world and is starting to prove useful when it comes to hiring.

Virtual reality has gone from being a gimmicky form of technology to a developed and useful tool used in many different fields.  Companies like PwC and General Mills were some of the first to incorporate VR into their recruiting process.  They are finding that strapping a VR headset on a potential hire to give them tours of facilities, and explain benefits/company procedures while on the tour.  Even the Navy is using VR to bring possible recruits into realistic naval simulations to give them a look at what it really is like to be in the Navy.  

As technology advances, it is important to advance with it.  It strengthens your company’s image and makes you company more attractive to candidates.  VR can really be the wow factor your recruiting team needs to really enhance your hiring process and impress quality candidates.  

Many times, there is a lot of uncertainty on what new hires should expect on their first day of a new job.

Incorporating VR into the hiring process washes away all of that uncertainty because people know exactly where they are working and procedures they are expected to follow before they even step into the office or facility.

If you are looking to get a leg up on competitors, VR recruiting could be just that.  It is something that not many companies are using, but is increasing in popularity.  If you hop onboard early, it shows that your company is cutting edge and a pioneer as opposed to joining the fad after it becomes industry standard a few years down the road.  

Time to take advantage of the amazing technology that is available to make your recruiting process the best it can possibly be.    

Keys to Creating a Unique Position for Your Business

A successful business sets itself apart from the rest. In order for a business to show exponential growth, it must have defining features unlike those of competitors.

Keep it catchy

A short and simple name or slogan is easier for people to remember and catch on to. This also includes an eye-catching logo for your company or a well-designed and easy to use website. Some of the biggest name brands share short and catchy names such as “Google”, “Spotify”, or “Twitter”. This is just one small feature to differentiate your company!

Social media

Having social media established for your company does not mean simply setting up a Facebook and Twitter page that you post on once a month. A unique company has exciting and engaging social media. Creating a viral social media campaign will excel your company.

Superior customer service

No one likes talking to an automated voice on the phone. Try your best to personally respond to your customers’ needs. This shows a certain level of care and dedication that many businesses lack.

Have the best offers

Research your competitors and see what they offer for their product or service. From there, think creatively about how to set yourself apart from what your competitors are selling or doing. Take the time to highlight features of your product or service that you feel are defining. This also means truly believing in your product or service.

Have a defined purpose

Having some sort of inspiration or backstory along with your business is the ultimate form of uniqueness. The most important question is: For what reason did you start your business? Not every backstory or purpose behind starting a company has to be emotional or comedic, but your intent and goals should still be clear.


You want employees that match the uniqueness of your company. Hiring the right people can be tricky, but not if you use social media and/or an ATS. Your employees represent your company, so using software to carefully sort through your applicants is essential.

Every successful business differentiates itself with these features. So how is your company unique?

3 Steps to Ensure A Successful New Hire

business men phonecall

You finally found the perfect person for that job you’ve been looking to fill.  Their resume is full of accolades and qualities that you, the recruiter have been searching for.  They are starting next week; how do you make sure they succeed right from the start?  Here are a few tips on the matter.



There is always nervousness both from the new employee and the current staff when there is a new addition to the team.  It’s important to make the new hire feel at home, as cliche as that sounds.  Doing things like getting lunch as a team or just going up to them and having an introductory conversation could quickly ease the tension of having someone new in the office.  If the new staff member is comfortable and can embrace the company culture right from the start, there is a higher chance you will see success and positive results of the hire quickly.  


Train, Train, Train  

Another important aspect to ensure success of a new hire is training.  You cannot expect the new hire to understand everything from the start and putting a thick training manual on their desk isn’t an effective way of teaching.  Creating a training itinerary that is divided into parts that can be easily consumed by the trainee.

Also, get different team members to train, this is effective in two ways: it helps the employees to get to know the new staff member and it gives the new hire different perspectives on how to get things done.  Paper training is a thing of the past, if you want the new employee to catch on fast, fact-to-face training is the way to go.



Assign someone who the new hire can go to when they need help, have questions or may confide in if any problems arise.  Many times, new employees may have questions but are scared or nervous to ask anyone, so they try to figure it out themselves.  

This can lead to confusion and wasted time on something that could possibly be answered by a team member. New hires don’t want to seem unknowledgeable, so it is a good idea to assign a team member to help them from the start.  This will help make the new hire be an effective employee right away.

How to Create A Viral Social Media Campaign

Most startup companies today manage to expand by having a prominent following online. Although telling your neighbor about your business and buying a pricey magazine ad can be helpful, social media is the way to go. First you need to figure out which social media platforms will draw the most people in, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. From there you need to know how to effectively and creatively use these platforms. Not only will you get more customers, but you will also attract potential employees that will help your business thrive.

Once you have found a platform to use…

Post actively and be interesting!

If you are only posting once a week and neglecting your social media pages, it will show in your follower count. Try to post something daily on all of your platforms and even twice a day if possible. You also want to make sure that your content is enjoyable, don’t just post random and irrelevant content. It can be difficult sometimes to make content that is both interesting to the general population and relevant to your business, but keep posting and you’ll see your followers grow!

And speaking of interesting…

Try some comedy.

Everyone loves a good laugh. Collaborate with your colleagues on funny videos or pictures to post. You should still try to keep it relevant, but get creative! A perfect example of this is the Dollar Shave Club. Their video advertisement was somewhat outrageous but everyone loved the comedic aspect of it. That video went viral and they are extremely well-known today.

Present your company well.

People who have any interest in your company, whether they are customers or potential employees, will Google you. You do not want the first thing to popup after a search to be a Google review with one star or an empty Facebook page. This can hurt the credibility of your business and it does not provide enough information about your company. This is especially important when hiring and recruiting. You certainly will not be able to hire ideal employees if your business has a poor online presence. This is also why having an effective way to track your applicants is essential!

Interact with your followers.

Once you do have some sort of following established, a little bit of interaction can go a long way. Wendy’s, for example, has a lot of popularity online with their hilarious posts and roasts on twitter. No matter how large your company is, people appreciate when you take the time to respond to them.

If you plan to expand, make sure you are ready for it with a great social media presence. If you already follow these tricks, then you’re way ahead of the game! Now you can watch your follower count grow along with your business.


Snapchat: The Next Job Recruitment Tool

Snapchat is a popular mobile application created by three former Stanford University students in 2011.  The app allows its users to share images and multimedia instantly through its platform and has since developed into a graphics and overlay king that attracts a particularly younger audience.   It is estimated there are 160 million active users world-wide using Snapchat, with a majority of its user-base ranging between the ages of 18 – 24 years old.   For employers who are looking to recruit younger workers, Snapchat is a great source to tap into.  Not only can it be great for job recruitment, but it can be used as a tool to promote company brand and build an online audience in a fun and unique way. Here’s how some big names are using Snapchat to recruit talent and expand:

Snapchat for job recruitment: 

A social media campaign launched by McDonald’s in Australia called “Snaplications” aimed to attract young job seekers on Snapchat.  It required users to upload a 10-second video as an introductory application.  Once reviewed, McDonald’s would then send prospects a link through Snapchat connecting applicants to their website to apply online.  The Australia chief operating officer Shaun Ruming said, “We think this is actually a world first. Snaplications is basically a Snapchat ‘lens’ that gives users the ability to apply for a job —or at least commence that process—by sending a 10-second snap.”

Snapchat also includes a geofilter capability that enables visual overlays on specified locations on a map.  This allows employers to target specific locations and places (such as college campuses or businesses) and offers a unique method of promotion and interest.

Snapchat for employer branding:

The well-known IT and networking company Cisco started a social media campaign allowing their employees to capture daily work activities and experiences using Snapchat. Workers from different locations world-wide post videos of their offices, events they attend, and tours of product-testing centers to showcase what a day in the life of a Cisco employee entails.  New content is posted by a group of Cisco employees chosen from their 165 global locations daily, which is a great way to get noticed by interested Snapchatters who would possibly be interested in joining the company.

Cisco’s director for culture and global employer branding Macy Andrews says, “We want to showcase a different variety of jobs, so we might pick someone from engineering, or finance or legal, so we can show what various jobs at Cisco look like,” she says. “Some of it is location-based — we might be looking to fill a position at our site in Germany or our Richardson, Texas office, so we’ll get someone to snap from those locations.” 

Andrews also commented on the role employees play when attending special events.  “If our CEO goes to the New York office, we may have a group of employees there follow him around and snap various meetings or photos of him taking our interns out to lunch.”  

As Snapchat was once viewed as simply a video-sharing platform with fun graphics, it is now becoming more and more recognized as a tool for businesses to recruit talent and focus on improving employer brand. President of New York-based marketing firm Jody Ordinoni says that if you’re using Snapchat to recruit, “It means you’re kind of cool…it’s a way to show your audience that you’re embracing new technology.”

Pereless Systems Applicant Tracking includes free, innovative tools to promote jobs through social media platforms like Snapchat.  Let us show you how to post & share for free!