Upgrade Onboarding With This Tool…

The age of housing large filing cabinets filled with personal employee data is over!

Hiring teams tasked with Onboarding new staff now have a major advantage: technology.  Not only can upgrading Onboarding processes save time, money, and improve workflow management, it will also provide a user-friendly and efficient process for new employees.  Important documents and tasks that are mandatory before beginning work can now be completed electronically and securely before an individual begins their first day.  Onboarding is an important step and can determine an employee’s ability to grow within a company.  Upgrading to an easy and coherent process will increase the likelihood of long-term success.

Upgrade Onboarding

  • Document Management:  Convert paperwork into electronic dopereless systems onboarding snapshotcuments and store them within a centralized and secure platform.  Assign documents for new employees to complete as needed.
  • Electronic Signature Capabilities:  Add electronic signature capabilities and allow individuals to sign documents virtually, instantly verifying they accept the contents of a document.
  • Team Notifications: Set up tasks for hiring teams to complete within a specified time and send an email alert
  • Employee Tasks: Set due dates and times for assigned documents new employees must complete
  • Send Onboarding Email: Customize your message and send new employees an email including a secure link to access Onboarding
  • Track Progress: Hiring teams can view the progress of assigned documents and tasks

Pereless Team Favorite ATS Features (Part 3)

Part 3 of our series focuses on our favorite applicant tracking system (ATS) tools that provide clients powerful data collection and customized system options to suit company needs.



Candidate Report

Our clients played a major role in building the reporting platform.  Based on valuable feedback, we’ve built a strong and seamless reporting tool that includes 24 templates for gathering data including a Build Your Own report option. Templates come standard with the system and at no extra cost.  Here are just some of the most commonly used reports:

Agency Summary: Gathers a list of applicants sent via the agency portal
Resource Return On Investment (ROI): Return on investment for job posting resources
Candidate Source: Source of incoming candidates, how they heard about the job, and other helpful data
Candidate Referral: Candidates referred by employees

Custom EEO-1: EEO information for all candidates in the standard required format for specified dates.

Cost Per Hire: New hire information including the costs recorded within the hired screen
Time to Fill: Activity ranging from job creation to hire

 ATS Users

Unlike other application tracking systems, Pereless does not charge based on company size, but by how many users are utilizing the system and at what level.  Clients have total control when it comes to managing hiring teams and selecting user roles that best fit recruiting needs.  There are four different license seat levels that have direct access to the ATS: Power Users, Recruiters, Regular Users, and Hiring Managers.  We also include free and unlimited Recruit Team Members that can communicate via email only.

Power Users: System Administrators; “see all, do all” of the ATS who manage other licensed users and grant permissions.

Recruiters: Almost as powerful as a power user with the exception of a few permissions.  Power users can grant Recruiters certain permissions, i.e. the ability to post to job boards and view candidates within jobs they do not own.

Regular Users: Slightly more restricted license compared to a Recruiter with the exception of a few permissions that must be granted by Power Users, i.e. access to post to job boards, view positions of other system users, and view candidates within jobs they do not own.

Hiring Managers:  Most restricted portal of all license seats.  Users are assigned jobs and other system permissions by Power Users and can only view candidates behind jobs they are assigned.

Recruit Team Members: Free and unlimited users that receive emails from system administrators to participate in the recruiting process. (Learn More)

Each licensed user logs into the ATS with unique individual credentials.  Recruit Team Members are setup by Power Users within the ATS settings.  Contact our team to learn more about pricing!

Application Options

ATS administrators choose the application process that best suits their needs for gathering candidate data.  There are four application options to choose from: standard, resume, one-page, and easy apply.  Each option allows for prescreening questions to be added at the discretion of system administrators (explained in part 1) and can be set as required and/or knock out questions.

one page apply

One Page Apply


One-Page Apply: Seamless, one-page apply process that asks candidates for their basic information, resume documents, and prescreening questions that are added by system administrators.  Education and work experiences are not required by default.  Candidates are required to create a login with an email and password to begin the application.


Easy Apply: Quick and easy application process that does not require candidates to create a login to apply for jobs.  Applicants can simply select positions and answer the required questions to submit.

Quick Apply

Easy Apply


Standard Apply: The most in-depth and longest apply process.  Candidates must create a login with an email and password to begin and can return at any time to edit and update information.  The application is a step-by-step process and each page is saved upon moving to the next step.  Candidates can log out and log back in at a later time to begin where they left off as long as the job is still posted.

Resume Apply: Similar to Standard Apply, yet a quicker apply process that excludes military, references, education, and employment history.

Be sure to check out part one and two of the Pereless team feature favorites series to learn more about our system!

Pereless Systems and Indeed Partner to Streamline the Candidate Screening Process

New partnership empowers employers to reach more qualified talent

Red Bank, NJ 5/15/2018 – Pereless Systems today announced a strategic partnership with the world’s number one job site, Indeed, that provides clients with seamless access to Indeed Assessments, a new platform that helps employers automate the screening process so they can make faster candidate evaluations. Clients also gain access to Indeed Assessments’ library of over 50 ready-to-go and custom assessments, which they can use to screen candidates for skills related to the jobs they are applying.

“Our partnership with Pereless Systems makes it easier for employers to quickly gain a dynamic view of a candidate’s job qualifications using assessments as an additional dimension to evaluate candidates.” said Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed. “Now employers can benefit from evaluating candidates without leaving the place where they are already making their hiring decisions.”

Here’s how it works: from within the Indeed Assessments platform, clients will have the opportunity to create an assessment package tailored to the exact job for which they are hiring. After that, the client will be able to select that assessment package from within Pereless Systems and either send to individual candidates or push out the assessment automatically when a candidate hits a predefined stage in the hiring process. As the candidates take the assessments, clients will see their scores populate in Pereless Systems and can return to Indeed Assessments for additional details, if needed.

“The partnership brings a great assessment tool that will assist our clients in hiring top talent. We are thrilled to partner with Indeed and continue to bring great opportunities to our clients.” – Arthur Pereless, CEO of Pereless Systems.


About Pereless Systems

For almost 20 years, Pereless Systems has provided Human Resource professionals with a scalable, cloud-based Applicant Tracking Software. The ATS was built to meet the demand for automation and convenient reporting while sourcing and retaining qualified talent. Our clients streamline recruitment from job posting to onboarding. Our safe and secure solution integrates with several services including job boards, payroll, email and background check providers. Simple reporting on critical HR metrics ensures your critical EEO and OFCCP information is just a click away.


About Indeed

More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Indeed is the #1 job site in the world (comScore, March 2017) and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 60 countries and 28 languages. More than 200 million people each month search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies on Indeed, and Indeed is the #1 source of external hires for thousands of companies (sources: SilkRoad & iCIMS). For more information, visit indeed.com.

Pereless Systems Supports New 2018 GDPR Policies

On May 25, 2018, the EU’s new data protection plan will go into effect. The plan, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requires that companies strengthen their privacy policies and data protection.

Who is affected?
The GDPR affects companies who operate within the EU. This applies to companies who are both headquartered or simply provide business services to companies in the EU.

Pereless Systems is fully compliant to meet these deadlines and support your company in its continued EU business functions.

There are some key highlights that separate the new GDPR from the past 1995 EU Privacy Directive.

  • Implementation of new regulation and security obligations
  • Data governance requirements, including policies, procedures and defined roles
  • Strict timelines regarding data breach notifications
  • Data Protection Officer for large issues
  • Individual “Right to Be Forgotten”
    – Notice and consent to data use
    – Correction and rectification of data
    – Right to erasure of personal data
  • Right to access personal data being stored and processed by companies
  • Right to restrict personal data from being used for marketing purposes

Pereless Systems has always provided quick compliance to new laws and regulations.

How we will comply:

  • Implementation of Data Protection Officer within ATS staff
  • Pereless Systems will include language within our privacy policy and on job boards regarding new data access and permissions
  • Clients will be able to provide candidates with access to their personal data with simple button on profile
  • Data retention period will be set by client
  • Candidates will not be able to create an account if they do not agree to the privacy policy
  • Candidates will have option to delete data from company ATS system

Pereless Team Favorite ATS Features (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our series where we asked our Client Success Team to list their favorite applicant tracking system (ATS) features.  (Read part one here).  The following tools come standard with the system and help clients market their open positions.


QR Codes

The ATS has a built-in QR (quick response) code builder behind every job and career page connected to the system.  QR codes are machine-readable barcodes that are scanned using a mobile device’s camera lens.  The only requirement to scan the barcode is to download an app to your smart phone (QR Code Reader is a good option and completely free).  QR builder is simple to use and codes can be included on virtually anything.  This is a fun and innovative way to market jobs and company career pages by adding codes to store receipts, products, flyers, posters, and even on the back of a truck (here’s an example).


Shortened URL links

ATS users can generate URL links for every job created in the system.  This is great for manually postings jobs to third-party websites that don’t integrate with applicant tracking systems (such as Craigslist or college job boards).   You can enter the source name for tracking and reporting purposes and choose the link option based on your needs.Short URL

Shortened URL: Generic link that can be posted anywhere, including behind images

Shortened URL with HTML: Generates a link that includes HTML code where you can customize the link text

Shortened URL QR Code: This is where you would generate QR codes for individual jobs (as explained above)


Free & Instant Postings to Job Boards

Clients can post jobs to Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn (non-sponsored), and US Jobs for free and instantly using the ATS.  All four job boards are built into the system and come standard.  Administrators simply active these – plus any additional job boards – within system settings and can then select their choices during job creation.  Within the “career hosting” section, users activate jobs to post to career pages (public corp career hosting) or intranet (corp intranet).  It is that simple!

Job Resources

Stay tuned for Part 3 coming next week and don’t forget to check out part one here.

Pereless Team Favorite ATS Features (Part 1)

We asked our Client Success Team to list their favorite features of the applicant tracking system (ATS).  There are so many tools we’ve added throughout the years due to technological advances and client feedback that it was hard to choose just one.  We decided to make this a three-part series to showcase our favorite system features.  Here’s part one:

Text Messaging

pereless text message

With a private, system-generated phone number,  hiring managers can communicate with talent on their mobile device (provided by opt-in during the apply process), and send interview invites to which they can accept or reject instantly.  Interview dates and times are based on calendar availability that is set up and managed by each system administrator within the ATS.  If necessary, system admins can assign confirmed interview times to other members of the hiring team and send reminders via text and email.



The onboarding portal was built by our development team to streamline the hiring process for our clients.   ATS users control the entire set up process and have the ability to send secure login links to recent hires; allowing them to view and complete important documentation prior to their first day.  Implementing an electronic onboarding process is safe, efficient, and helps manage vital employee data into one centralized portal.

Document Management: Store documents within specific files for easy access and management

Electronic Signature: All documents can be converted to include electronic signature capability so candidates can sign and complete documents easily.

Personalized Messaging: Send private messages only hiring managers can view

URL Links: Include links to specific pages that connect candidates to videos, blogs, or any other important information outside of the onboarding portal

Update information and EEO: The candidate has full access to his/hers files and can update their information at any time with the ability to change the status of their EEO.

KO Questions

KO (knock-out) questions are prescreening questions ATS system administrators set up to disposition candidates based on their responses.  KO questions are linked to a specific recruit flow that are set up, customized, and activated by the ATS user.  This is an awesome feature to assist recruiters in streamlining their review process and time-to-fill rates and comes standard with the ATS.  Take a look at the example below:

Question: “Are you able to commute to NYC?”

The answer “type” (chosen by the ATS system administrator) is a yes or no response in this case.

This question is activated as a knock out question and if the candidate answers, “no” they are automatically moved to the “candidate not qualified” flow, chosen by the ATS system administrator.

Stay tuned for part two when we highlight three more of our favorite features that all come standard with the ATS!



Introducing: Two Way Outlook and Google Calendar Sync

Pereless Systems has officially launched a new two way sync between the ATS and Outlook/Google calendars.

This integration will allow for a seamless sync between Outlook 365/Google Calendars and ATS calendars. Easily track your availability within the ATS whether you add events through the calendar in our system. Simple add a new event and sync to both of your calendars.

When you first set up the new calendar sync, you will have to give the ATS permission to access your calendar. This is a one time step that will allow you to take advantage of the sync feature.

Note: If you use Outlook on your computer but your email provider is Gmail, you’ll be using the Google Sync feature. The Outlook sync is for clients who use Outlook 365 as their main email.

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, & Steve Jobs Agree On One Thing…

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Steve Jobs all agree that the best career advice is to love what you do.  There are plenty of articles published online that state the opposite: money trumps passion.  However, according to Trump, Obama, and Jobs – all successful in their own right – loving what you do brings happiness, satisfaction, and success which will ultimately lead to the reward of money.

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Interview Advice: How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

Looking for advice on how to shine during your next job interview?  We found an awesome video on Youtube by career strategist Linda Raynier who provides some valuable tips on how to answer the commonly asked question, “Tell me about yourself.”  

Main takeaways (including timestamps)

  1. (1:35) Beginning with your first work experience, give a historic overview that includes the company name, job title, years within that role, and major responsibilities.
  2. (2:52) Describe one major accomplishment you achieved within that role; i.e. a process you improved, an idea that saved money, or anything that resulted to a company benefit.
  3. (4:12) Acknowledge what you understand about the role and what the company needs to fulfill their goals.
  4. (5:22) Describe why you are the perfect fit for that role in a nutshell.

One Disadvantage Tech-Addicted Millennials May Face During Job Interviews

Paul Barnwell is a High School English teacher who wrote an article for The Atlantic titled, “My Students Don’t Know How To Hold a Conversation.”  Barnwell wrote about a class project testing his students’ ability to exchange ideas and hold conversations.  In the form of a podcast, students worked in small groups to study topics and discuss them in real time.  To Barnwell’s dismay, the students struggled to effectively carry out the task.

Even with plenty of practice, the task proved daunting to students. I watched trial runs of their podcasts frequently fall silent. Unless the student facilitator asked a question, most kids were unable to converse effectively. Instead of chiming in or following up on comments, they conducted rigid interviews. They shuffled papers and looked down at their hands. Some even reached for their phones—an automatic impulse and the last thing they should be doing.

Barnwell blames much of the students’ failure on addiction to technology and teachers overlooking an important fundamental:

…Conversational competence might be the single-most overlooked skill we fail to teach students.  Kids spend hours each day engaging with ideas and each other through screens – but rarely do they have an opportunity to hone their interpersonal communication skills.  Students’ reliance on screens for communication is detracting—and distracting—from their engagement in real-time talk.

Many students will exit high school and attend college while others will begin searching for jobs immediately.  If young people are rarely taught the importance of communication (in high school or university), how likely is it that they will be successful in job interviews?  Employers routinely ask questions to discover a candidate’s ability to address issues and handle difficult people.  They also pay close attention to nonverbal expressions, levels of confidence, articulation, and the candidate’s ability to listen.  These are qualities often built through practice and experience, yet if technology serves as a hindrance to learning these attributes, young people searching for a career are less likely to land the job they want and grow towards their true potential.  With instructors like Paul Barnwell highlighting the shift in how young people learn and think, teachers can begin focusing on exercises that strengthen communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills that are too often weakened by a tech-dominant society.

When students apply for colleges and jobs, they won’t conduct interviews through their smart phones. When they negotiate pay raises and discuss projects with employers, they should exude a thoughtful presence and demonstrate the ability to think on their feet (or at least without Google).

Read the full article here.