Free ATS Integrations With Pereless Systems

At Pereless Systems, we don’t equate the size of a contract with the importance of a client. To prove this, all of our integrations are free and our pricing is the most competitive on the market.

Whether you have one user or 600 users, our support teams will not hesitate to assist from job posting to onboarding. Since the year 2000, we have not lost a deal due to price.

What’s included:

  • FREE integrations with payroll and tax credit companies
  • FREE skill and background assessment integrations
  • FREE and sponsored job postings to hundreds of websites
  • Onboarding, Agency Management, Reference Check, and Texting features
  • Social Post, Employee Referral Portal, and much more
  • Both client and job candidate support centers

Worried about transferring to a new system? You’ll be up and running in 5-7 days, including your data import from your current system. Request a demo today.

Pereless Systems Announces New Referral Program


Pereless Systems has worked tirelessly to create a platform to optimize your hiring. We’d like to say thank you to those who help spread the word.

Starting in 2018, when your first referral signs a contract, you both receive 6 months free of either our Talent Network, CRM, or Onboarding portal. For every following referral, you get the choice of 10% commission* or a $50 gift card.

To refer a new client, simply send their name and contact information to


*Offer is limited to first year of the contract.

**To receive these rewards, referral must sign contract.

Business Positioning Tips for Growth Hacking

A successful business sets itself apart from the rest. In order for a business to show exponential growth, it must have defining features unlike those of competitors. Here are some tips for creative a unique business position.

Keep it catchy

A short and simple name or slogan is easier for people to remember and catch on to. This also includes an eye-catching logo for your company or a well-designed and easy to use website. Some of the biggest name brands share short and catchy names such as “Google”, “Spotify”, or “Twitter”. This is just one small feature to differentiate your company!

Social media

Having social media established for your company does not mean simply setting up a Facebook and Twitter page that you post on once a month. A unique company has exciting and engaging social media. Creating a viral social media campaign will excel your company.

Superior customer service

No one likes talking to an automated voice on the phone. Try your best to personally respond to your customers’ needs. This shows a certain level of care and dedication that many businesses lack.

Have the best offers

Research your competitors and see what they offer for their product or service. From there, think creatively about how to set yourself apart from what your competitors are selling or doing. Take the time to highlight features of your product or service that you feel are defining. This also means truly believing in your product or service.

Have a defined purpose

Having some sort of inspiration or backstory along with your business is the ultimate form of uniqueness. The most important question is: For what reason did you start your business? Not every backstory or purpose behind starting a company has to be emotional or comedic, but your intent and goals should still be clear.


You want employees that match the uniqueness of your company. Hiring the right people can be tricky, but not if you use social media and/or an ATS. Your employees represent your company, so using software to carefully sort through your applicants is essential.

Every successful business differentiates itself with these features. So how is your company unique?

5 Recruiting Strategies for 2018

New technology seems to come out every few months. It can be almost impossible for a professional to keep up with industry trends while also trying to balance their every day tasks. We put together a list of 5 key strategy changes to implement into your recruiting plan this year.

1.Prepare for AI

The next frontier in recruiting: Artificial Intelligence. Over the past 20 years, recruiting technology has been disrupted over and over again. Make sure your recruitment management system has a plan in place to implement the new technology. Many people fear that AI will take over their job when in reality, it will optimize their work. AI automation can save HR 14 hours a week by taking over tedious tasks, resume searches, and data entry.

AI automation will lower costs by 35% and increase candidate experience by 17%, according to Ideal.

2. Push and Pull

Recruiters are going to have to worker hard to stand out from the flood of job postings online. HR professionals are working closer with marketers to create campaigns to attract candidates. Automation will create more time for creating a personal connection with candidates. Recruiters can no longer just push out a job posting, they have to work to pull candidates in. With AI doing most of the tedious work, recruiters can shift their focus to the personalization of applications. Why would the candidate apply to your company over all of the others they are seeing?

3. Utilize a Talent Network

Don’t miss candidates because the perfect position isn’t available when they reach your career page. Candidates who are specifically attracted to your company are more likely higher quality. Talent networks collect general information and automatically notify qualified candidates when a matching job opens. This provides an automatic list of candidates the moment there’s an opening.

4. Utilize Software

An Applicant Tracking System can provide one platform to help you with all of the tips mentioned. A centralized software will allow you to streamline your entire recruiting process. Integrations with payroll and background check companies through these systems will make your team more efficient.

75% of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process. 

5. Analyze

It can be very easy to get carried away trying to balance all of the recruiting channels. At least once a month, sit down and look at your analytics. Where are your most qualified candidates coming from? Are you spending time on things that aren’t bringing in results? The answers may surprise you as recruiting continues to evolve. Every company has a unique strategy so your analytics may show something different from the company down the street. You are the only one who knows that works for your hiring plans.

The Most Important Recruiting Tool for 2018

Social media recruiting has recently grown in popularity.  More and more companies are gearing up to find quality candidates via social media.  The social media takeover is sweeping the nation and has now moved over into the recruitment world.

80% of job seekers will use social media to help them in the job search.  

It is important to get on board the social media recruiting train because it gives companies access to the most diverse candidate pool possible.

It is proven that jobseekers are more likely to apply for a position if the company is actively updating and managing their social media accounts. It is important to actively manage and post on your social media platforms because it shows jobseekers a good company culture and work environment.

The biggest platform that companies are using is LinkedIn; this is where companies are seeing the best results for hiring candidates.

It is apparent that using social media can really boost your applicant pool, giving you the most options when hiring a candidate.  In today’s day and age, everyone uses their phones and social media for just about everything.

Isn’t it time to bring your recruiting into the modern day?

Almost all successful companies plan to use social media for their recruiting and are investing serious money in their social recruiting.  Join the movement and use your social media accounts to make your hiring process the best it can be.  As candidates get younger, the more social media will play a factor in the recruitment process.

5 Recruiting Tips for 2018

2018 will bring a new round of challenges for HR Managers. With technology and the workforce constantly changing, there are some key things to keep in mind when hiring in the new year. This year, Generation Z enters the workforce and companies need to adjust their hiring strategies. Technology has created a global reach which will allow your company to reach more qualified candidates this year.

1.Recruit Globally

Technology has globalized the workforce. You can now reach the most qualified candidates, no matter where they are in the world. Global resources are available to help you expand your search beyond geographical borders. There are more options for top talent so it will be harder to attract them specifically to your company.

2. Prepare for Generation Z

A new generation is entering the workforce. According to studies, Gen Z has different values than millennials when searching for employment. Therefore, recruiting strategies have to evolve with the market. Don’t let your company fall to the wayside by just reusing the same job postings from the past 5 years. Generation Z will be looking in different places for applications as well as for different content in the posting.

Due to the ease of online job postings, key candidates are being flooded with options. Why should they choose your company over the others? Adjust your job postings to answer these questions.

3. Adjust Job Descriptions

As mentioned above, job applicants are now faced with more options than ever before. This will give them the ability to be picky. Companies are going to have to shift the positioning of their job description. Applicants in 2018 will be more interested in what a job will give to them than the other way around. Discuss both the job and the company culture in the description – what makes your company different?

4. One Page is Key

It is common for applicants to apply to 150 jobs and only hear back from 5. For this reason, they’re filling out more applications than ever. Candidates have developed a quantity over quality attitude. Shifting to one page applications guarantee that a candidate will complete the entire thing before moving on to the next.

60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.

5. Mobile Optimization

Passive recruiting reaches candidates not actively looking for a job. This means your job posting may reach them when they are casually scrolling through their social media. Following the one-page application model, it is also crucial that applications are mobile friendly. Without 100% mobile responsive jobs, you will lose an entire applicant stream to competition.

9 out of 10 job seekers say they’re likely to use a mobile device during their job search.

3 Steps to Ensure Successful Employee Onboarding

business men phonecall

You finally found the perfect person for that job you’ve been looking to fill.  Their resume is full of accolades and qualities that you, the recruiter have been searching for.  They are starting next week; how do you ensure successful onboarding?  Here are a few tips on the matter.



There is always nervousness both from the new employee and the current staff when there is a new addition to the team.  It’s important to make the new hire feel at home, as cliche as that sounds.  Doing things like getting lunch as a team or just going up to them and having an introductory conversation could quickly ease the tension of having someone new in the office.  If the new staff member is comfortable and can embrace the company culture right from the start, there is a higher chance you will see success and positive results of the hire quickly.  


Train, Train, Train  

Another important aspect to ensure success of a new hire is training.  You cannot expect the new hire to understand everything from the start and putting a thick training manual on their desk isn’t an effective way of teaching.  Creating a training itinerary that is divided into parts that can be easily consumed by the trainee.

Also, get different team members to train, this is effective in two ways: it helps the employees to get to know the new staff member and it gives the new hire different perspectives on how to get things done.  Paper training is a thing of the past, if you want the new employee to catch on fast, fact-to-face training is the way to go.



Assign someone who the new hire can go to when they need help, have questions or may confide in if any problems arise.  Many times, new employees may have questions but are scared or nervous to ask anyone, so they try to figure it out themselves.  

This can lead to confusion and wasted time on something that could possibly be answered by a team member. New hires don’t want to seem unknowledgeable, so it is a good idea to assign a team member to help them from the start.  This will help make the new hire be an effective employee right away.

Why Texting is Crucial for Recruiting

Pereless Systems builds all career pages and applications mobile-responsive. New clients get their first 5,000 text messages free!  Request a demo today.

According to a Glassdoor survey, 9 in 10 job seekers report they’re likely to use a mobile device during their job search in the next 12 months. Once you ensure a mobile friendly application, don’t lose applicants after they press submit. 

Text Your Job Candidates

Utilize text messaging for easy communication as well as interview scheduling. An estimated 77% of Americans own a smart device and use it to text twice as much as calling someone.

Making communication easy and convenient for both recruiters and candidates is an effective way to get things done quicker while creating a positive and innovative experience.

The Pereless platform is equipped with SMS text message functionality allowing hiring teams to contact candidates on their mobile device. Use the ATS to instantly send a text using a generic phone number to introduce yourself to applicants, ask additional questions, and send interview invites.

All conversations are stored within the ATS and can be accessed at any time.

pereless text message

Pereless Systems text message functionality

Send Interview Invites Based on Schedule Availability

One of the major benefits of an applicant tracking system is that you can create and manage schedules within the platform. Pereless System’s scheduling feature includes an innovative invite functionality that sends applicants text messages and emails with available dates and times for interviews based on your schedule.

Candidates can then accept or reject their choices and continue to connect with you via text message.  Have multiple team members involved in the interview process?  You can assign them to the confirmed interview date and send them reminders via text and email too!

Pereless text

Pereless Systems text message interview invite

Pereless Systems builds all career pages and applications mobile-responsive by default. New Pereless clients get their first 5,000 text messages free!  Request a demo today.

Optimize Your Hiring Process with an ATS

Sifting through paper and emailed resumes is tedious and unorganized.  An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software Human Resource tool that automates this and all other aspects of the recruiting process.  Here are 3 ways how an ATS will make your HR department more efficient.

Reduce the Amount of HR Tasks

When hiring, the HR department is weighed down with many tasks.  From creating the job details, posting on job board, reviewing candidates, and interviewing.  It can get pretty hectic.  With recruiting software, the workload lightens as an ATS does all of the hard work like posting on job boards and organizing applications for you.

Find Quality Candidates

With the help of an ATS it is easier to find high quality candidates.  There is nothing more frustrating than bringing in unqualified candidates for interviews.  This could be a big waste of time and money while looking to fill an open job opening.  With features that help sort through candidates by automatically removing unqualified applications to seamlessly sending candidates to co-workers for approval, it has never been easier to increase the efficiency the quality of candidates.  

Optimize Onboarding Process

Once you have found the right person for the job, it’s time for the onboarding process to begin.  This could be a headache for both the new employee and the company.  There is usually a lot of stress to get all the necessary paperwork filled out and submitted before the first day of work.  

Sending the paperwork via email or giving hard copies could be delay the process.  With an ATS, an onboarding portal eliminates this by sending e-forms that can be filled out online and submitted in real time, ensuring that all forms are taken care of prior to the employee’s first day.

Modernize your recruitment process by investing in an ATS.  All of the reasons why an ATS is right for your company listed above are available on Pereless Systems’ easy to use Applicant Tracking System.  To learn more request a free demo today!

2017 Year In Review

Our team works tirelessly to expand and improve our software capabilities. This year alone, we’ve had some major additions that we are excited to share.

Internally, we’ve developed new portals across the hiring process to streamline tedious tasks for clients. These portals include:

Employee Referral

Candidate Texting  Reference Check


Our integrations team has been working hard to expand our services far beyond recruitment. This year we’ve added more payroll and skill assessment partnerships.

Finally, we’ve launched in four new countries and languages. Our reach now expands to Canada, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh.

There’s already so much  more in development for 2018!