New Help & Training Layout

Pereless Systems is proud to announce a new Help and Training layout! The layout will go live in the system on December 27, 2018.

1. New Layout 

We’ve completely redesigned the layout of this tab with our clients in mind. Upon entering the portal, clients will be asked if they are a new or returning user. New users will be brought to a “Starting Up” menu which will help them adjust to the new system and new Help and Training layout. 

2. One-click Menu 

Returning users will see new release announcements as well as a complete menu breakdown on the left. This new, user-friendly menu will bring clients to any section of the Help and Training with one click. 

3. Search Capabilities 

The last major change is the ability to search within the Help and Training tab. Your wonderful support team has completely redone all of our User Guides and Training videos. We aim to make sure any help you need is always at your fingertips.

Benefits of Partnering to Grow Services

In business, partnering is a successful strategy to grow your business. Many companies, both small and large, use partnering as a way to expand their clients and promote their products. By having partners, companies gain the ability to use their partners clients and specific market to grow their own success. Partnering is a way to bring in new business while benefiting another companies success at the same time.

For small companies, partnering is very beneficial. By gaining a partner, small companies can connect with more developed companies to expand their client base. It is important for small companies, especially startups, to generate clients from many different markets. This will make their company more competitive in their own market while expanding in other markets. It is also important for small companies to use their partners to market their products.

Marketing can be expensive, so when the two partners work together they can market both of their products at one time, paying half the cost. This is also beneficial because both of their clients are seeing the other companies products that are being marketed, which brings attention to both of their products in different fields. When smaller companies join together with companies that are more developed than them, they can grow and develop faster than they would starting up on their own.

Although small companies gain heavy growth from partnering, it is also beneficial for larger companies to form partnerships. For larger companies, if they partner with other companies they can make deals to market both of their products even if they are selling to different target markets. For example, if you buy a certain product you can receive a discount on the other companies product. This gives people the incentive to buy both of the products, knowing they will receive a discount.  

Another benefit of partnering for larger companies is that when they join with small companies or non profits, they can also help improve their corporate social responsibility. If companies do this, people are intrigued by the good intentions of the company, which can bring in more business. It is also beneficial for companies to partner that are not in similar markets, so that new clients can see their products and how the two companies are working together.

Overall partnering can bring many benefits to both small and large companies. Working with other companies can help to expand a company’s client base and bring more attention to their company. It is a great way to market a companies products and have something new and exciting to interest their clients.


Madelyn McMahon

How Networking and Technology have Changed the Business World

As businesses become more revolved around technology, the use of networking has spiked in the business world. Networking can mean many things, mainly working together with others to benefit multiple parties. Business networking can be used to make connections, apply for jobs, make deals and create partners. The addition of networking in the business world has created many benefits and continues to help it grow. The involvement of networking has also grown from the spike in social media over the past few years, specifically on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a place where people and businesses can make mutual connections at the click of a button. This has changed the way people find jobs or connect with people. Networking, combined with the advances in technology, have changed how people connect with each other and has made it easier to navigate through the business world.


Networking in itself is a way to make connections. If you communicate with others, it is easy to meet new people and make mutual connections. The rise in networking and technology has made making connections an intrical part of the business world. When it comes to finding jobs, having relationships is key to standing out against other applicants. The popularity of LinkedIn has made it easy and simple for people to create a wider range of connections based on their employment history and future work interests. Along with making connections, it is easier to find jobs through networking, especially through LinkedIn and other online sources. By networking on the web, you can research for jobs to find positions that would be fitting to your interests and background experience.


Another aspect of networking that is beneficial to business is the ability to find other companies through connections that could benefit a company’s product. This could include partnering with a company to use their product to grow your business. By networking with other companies, you can build relationships that could benefit you and your company in the future. It could also help other companies to promote each other’s businesses and products through deals and marketing combinations. By coming together through networking, companies bring attention to both of their products and give people an incentive to buy and use both of their products.


Networking has created new connections in many aspects of the business world. With advances in technology and the popularity of social media, the benefits of networking continue to grow. By building a network for you and your company, you are able to expand and excel throughout your experience in business. Networking comes with many benefits and can help build your company in the future.


Madelyn McMahon

Tips for Hiring in the Summer

Depending on what type of business you have, summer might be either your slowest or busiest time of the year. Although summer may seem like a time for vacation and relaxation for many people, job applicants are often quite active at this time. No matter how busy your company is, the summer months are a good time to hire. Here are some tips to make the most out of your summertime hiring:

Seek out college graduates

Although experience might be an important part of some job positions, college graduates bring a fresh perspective to the workplace. In the summertime, many young people have just finished up their degrees and they are actively seeking employment. These new graduates are typically excited to get to work and can learn and adapt quickly. Try to tailor your job applications to be more open to new graduates and you will find yourself with a great pool of applicants.

Look for interns

If you are not entirely interested in hiring someone straight out of college for a full-time position, internships can be a great way to seek out potential new employees. An internship allows for you to test the waters and to see if someone who is currently a student could possibly work for you eventually. Internships can be brief and they allows for both the employer and the intern to gain different skills and experience. If you do end up eventually hiring an intern, he or she will already be familiar with the workplace and it will make the hiring process much quicker and easier.    

Conduct many interviews

As mentioned, candidates are quite active with job searching in the summer. Many people have a much looser schedule at this time, so use this to your advantage to conduct several interviews. This also means flexibility on your behalf, but conducting a wide range of interviews can sufficiently help you narrow down your job applicant pool.

Boost your social media

Since there are a lot of young people seeking employment in the summertime, this is the perfect time to frequently post on social media. Although active social media accounts are important all year round, make an attempt to reach a wider audience. Despite the warm weather, people still spend a sufficient amount of time browsing jobs in the air conditioning.

Some businesses may take a breather from hiring in the summer, but use this time to your advantage and find the best job candidates possible.


Victoria Leighton

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Whether you like it or not, the impact of Artificial Intelligence has become increasingly noticeable. Companies all over the globe are implementing forms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that are impacting our lives in more ways than one. Amazon’s personal assistant “Alexa” is an example of conversational AI that allows humans to interact with a machine simply by using the languages we already know. Amazon is not the only company using this type of AI. In fact 61% of businesses in 2017 have implemented some sort of AI, which is up from only 38% in 2016.

This constant increase is inevitably going to keep rising, which gives companies the ultimatum: adapt or fall behind.

Although many people are skeptical about AI’s impact on unemployment in the workforce, with more advancements in technology it has become evident that it’s positives outweigh the negatives. Rather than replacing humans, machine learning will amplify our skills and make business processes that much more fluid. In the recruitment and software spectrum AI aspects are already paying dividends. Features such as initial resume scans that expedite the first stages of the recruitment process have lifted an enormous weight off hiring managers who are used to the monotonous duty of reviewing hundreds of unfit candidates. In this case, rather than replacing humans and taking jobs, AI will ultimately work together with humans to make the most beneficial impact.

By automating the monotonous tasks in business, workers will have more time to focus on increasing productivity leading to more revenue and higher performance. Although there are some risks to Artificial Intelligence such as privacy and some unemployment, there is no denying that machine learning is the way of the future. With new algorithms being implemented into AI, smarter faster data driven decisions will be made to optimize business performance and production. A wise man once said “work smarter, not harder” and with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the smartest types of work decisions will be made.


Spencer Pereless

Why You Should Use Social Media in Recruiting

Social Media has become a central focus in the lives of the people in our society today. Studies from the Pew Research Center display that in the United States alone, around 80% of people are using at least one social media account. On a smaller scale, 88% of people from the ages 18-29, are also using one account. This younger group are also the majority of people who are applying for jobs, right after graduating from college and looking to start a career. This also implies that this age group would most commonly be using ATS, the application tracking system used to apply for jobs. Now, more than ever, it is easy to connect with jobs through online systems and social media. Connecting your social media with ATS has many benefits when applying for jobs for the employer and the applicant.

Easy to find applicants

Due to the fact that ATS is an online system, it is harder to grasp someone’s personality and lifestyle through a simple application. By giving the applicants the option to connect their social media to ATS, you are able to look at an applicants life from a new angle. This is a benefit useful for employers looking to make the most out of their employees and develop a successful relationship in the future.

Making Connections

Through social media you are able to connect with people and look at mutual friends. It is also a way to associate the applicants interests and experiences to those of the people in the company to see if they would be fitting with other employees. It is important, especially in positions where employees will be working collaboratively, to find new employees who are compatible with their teams and able to get along with different types of people. By looking at an applicants social media, you are able to develop a better understanding and make connections to find the best fit for the company.

Applicants Become Informed

Most businesses have created social media pages to publicize and market their products. It is a beneficial way for people to see their products and what the company has to offer. It is also easy for applicants who want to learn more about the companies they are potentially applying to view their social media pages. They can see the company’s products, information about the employees and overall if they think they would fit in with the culture of the company. It is easy to learn a lot about a company from their social media, which can help bring in potential employees.

It is clear that connecting your social media when applying to a job using ATS benefits both the employer and the applicant. Employers can see who is applying, what kind of person they are and if they have any negativity on their posts. Applicants can research the company and develop interests based off of their pages. As long as the applicants are smart about their social media posts, it is beneficial from both sides to connect their social media pages to ATS.

Why College Athletes Make Good Hires

Every year millions of college graduating seniors start applying for jobs as they enter into the workforce for the first time. Most applicants have just received a four year degree and have been working hard to build their resumes to differentiate themselves from the rest of the applicants. Something most applicants are lacking is the experience you receive as a college athlete. A college athlete gains experience in their four years that most students do not receive. This experience builds character and prepares students for anything that can be thrown their way. Hiring college athletes is beneficial to many companies and can bring them success in many forms.

Time Management

One of the main benefits that comes along with hiring college athletes is their ability to manage their time. The main job of a college athlete is to balance their sport and school work while maintaining a social life. If an athlete is not able to complete this job, there are often times repercussions. Athletes have minimal time for school work, so when it comes to performing fast and efficiently, they have mastered the skill. Hiring a college athlete means their work will be accomplished on time and with good quality, regardless of the time frame given.

Work well with others

Most college athletes have been a part of a team for their entire life. Athletes are always dealing with different coaches, captains and teammates, so they are used to new leaders and working with different types of personalities. Due to this, they are able to put aside differences and work together with others to achieve a common goal. They are also able to create bonds and connections with new people. In a workplace, this skill would be beneficial to working with a team on projects for the company, adjusting to new leadership when changes are made or blending in with the overall vibe in the company.

Adapt to Change

A student athlete is always adapting and overcoming some form of obstacle. Between adjusting school schedules for games and weather issues, or adding new plays and learning new drills, there is always something new. They are used to having to change between different teams, coaches, and teammates, making them able to overcome anything thrown their way. This skill is useful in a company because they are able to utilize different skills, but can adapt quickly when new ideas or systems are put in place.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important in any part of life, especially in the workplace. Student athletes have been developing communication skills for as long as they have played the sport. As part of a team, athletes must communicate with their teammates and their coaches in order for things to run smoothly. Student athletes also had to learn to communicate with coaches when going through the recruiting process. In a company, employees have to communicate with other colleagues, clients, and bosses everyday. Student athletes are used to communicating, and will not have a problem when things need to be addressed in the workplace.

Student athletes are well rounded and have developed skills in their four years at school that make them beneficial in the workforce. These driven, young minds can bring new ideas to the company as well as skills that normal post-graduate students have yet to develop. Hiring a college athlete brings many benefits to a company and is helpful to their success in the long run.


Madelyn McMahon

4 Reasons Why Hiring With an ATS Leads to Future Success

When a company posts a new job and hundreds of candidates apply, it is usually the job of one person to review the candidates resumes and decide if they should be moved into the next stage of the hiring process. Many resumes go unnoticed due to human error and lack of resources such as time and money.  Some of these candidates can sometimes be the best fit for the job. That is why every company, no matter the size, should implement an ATS. Here are 4 reasons why no hiring manager should face the difficulty of hiring without the help of an Applicant Tracking System.

1. Applicant Tracking Systems save time

Rather than a hiring manager sorting through hundreds of resumes and applications, an ATS easily sorts the most qualified candidates. This saves countless hours and company dollars.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems save money

When using an Applicant Tracking System, the usual hiring related costs are eliminated. An ATS will automate the hiring process and help hiring managers find the best fit candidates at lower costs, rather than hiring more recruiters and paying more salaries. Applicant Tracking Systems are often affordable no matter what size of your company. For instance, ATS OnDemand now offers ATS Lite for smaller companies at a very reasonable $49 a month.

3. The most qualified candidates are hired

Usually finding the best fit candidates for a position can be a very taxing job for the hiring manager. Applicant tracking systems can effortlessly filter out unqualified candidates from the qualified ones by filtering capabilities and skills matching. Machine learning and other new technology are introducing new “Best Match” capabilities to highlight this feature.

4. Improved candidate experience

The overall candidate experience is improved greatly when using an ATS. Most applicant tracking systems have the capability of sending candidates text messages and automated interview scheduling. This keeps the candidate in the loop and eases their mind through the application process. Also with an ATS the onboarding process becomes incredibly smoother. Pereless ATS offers customized messaging, unlimited link storage which includes training videos and other learning resources, and electronic signature capabilities.  


Spencer Pereless

Make Offer Approval a Team Effort

Send offer letters for team approval;

Automate the process;

No room for error!


ATS users customize, manage, and control offer letter set up to include hired data and salary information. They can then send letters out for approval to anyone in the company; not just licensed ATS users!  There is no limit to the amount of people that can be involved in the process!

Users simply assign individuals to participate in review and choose the preferred order of email receipt.  Our system sends an email that includes a secure link to each established point of contact.  Recipients then can review, approve, reject, and comment on letters to continue the process forward or send it back to its creator for updates.   Completed fields are recorded as variables and fed into both the offer letter and incorporated third-party payrolls if applicable.

Candidate Perspective

Once the offer approval process is completed internally, confirmed offer letters are sent directly to the intended new hire.  Forms are equipped with e-sign technology allowing individuals to review, respond, and sign seamlessly on the go.  All data is recorded securely and accessible to recruiters in the ATS.

Third-Party Integration

Our system integrates with several payroll providers, making it easy to accept approved and signed offer letters to streamline the final steps of hiring.  We don’t charge any fees to integrate!

Get Started

The offer letter approval tool will regain hours lost that involved tasks without automation.  Best of all, it will eliminate room for error while tracking team compliance.






Top 3 Tips for Recruiting on a Budget

Hiring for a small business or start-up company can be tedious, you want the right candidates without going to extremes and breaking the bank to find them. Hiring the wrong candidate will only end up costing more. Most applicant tracking software comes at a hefty price, but here are some tips to help alleviate your financial stress during the hiring process.


  1. Focus on social media

It is important to make your job openings known through active and engaging social media postings. LinkedIn is the most useful for this, but other platforms such as Facebook or even Twitter and Instagram can boost your hiring process. In addition to this, keeping your company’s website and career page relevant and full of information to help reel in the right applicants. According to Talent Works, 59% of candidates use social media to find information about the companies that they are interested in. Frequent postings on social media is a sure way to help your recruiting process.


  1. Utilize employee referrals

The current employees at your company understand what makes it successful. They know what it takes to work there, so they will likely have a good idea about which of their friends or acquaintances have the right skills to fit in at the company. Of course, along with this you should conduct thorough interviews to be certain of the referrals. In terms of cost, simple word of mouth is one of the cheapest ways to hire. In addition to this, take advantage of local networking events and get out and meet potential candidates.  


  1.  Pick the most affordable applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system is essential for recruiting, even on a tight budget, but many applicant tracking systems can be quite costly and not entirely efficient. Look for an ATS that is not only affordable but provides all of the features that you need for hiring. At Pereless, we have never lost a deal due to price. We are the most affordable enterprise solution on the market.