Skyrocket Your Recruiting: Crafting Targeted Hiring Programs For Top Talent

Targeted hiring programs are becoming more common in today’s competitive job market as organizations seek to attract top talent with specific skills and experiences. Targeted hiring programs are an essential tool for organizations looking to develop an inclusive workforce. These programs are designed to target individuals who possess the focused capabilities needed to drive the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. By focusing on specific capabilities, targeted hiring programs help organizations streamline their recruitment process and ensure that they are bringing in candidates who are a good fit for the role. This not only saves time and resources, but also increases the likelihood of a successful hire who can quickly contribute to the organization. According to the TLNT article, “25 Smart Recruiting Topics For Bold and Innovative Recruiting Leaders,” they said, “Developing the focused capability for increasing the number of high-value-added innovators and adaptive/agile individuals that are hired can have an immediate and measurable impact on the bottom line.” To develop effective targeted hiring programs, one of the key benefits is the ability to tap into a pool of candidates who possess the exact skills and experiences that are needed for the role. This can help organizations stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation and growth. This requires a thorough analysis of the current workforce and the understanding of the barriers that may be preventing certain groups from entering into advanced organizations. Common strategies used in targeted hiring programs included targeted recruitment efforts, mentorship programs, and diversity training. These programs can help organizations not only attract diverse talent but also create a more inclusive, innovative and supportive work environment for all employees. Another common strategy are ones that include allowing individuals to channel their energy and attention towards a specific goal or task, leading to increased productivity and creativity. High-valued innovators possess the ability to concentrate on key priorities, block out distractions and maintain a clear vision for their objectives. By enhancing their focus, individuals can more effectively generate new ideas, solve complex problems and dive within their respective fields. Additionally, by targeting individuals who possess the right mindset and skills, organizations can build a team of high value innovators who will drive success. By providing targeted training and development programs, this can help individuals enhance their focus capability and excel in their roles as innovators. Equipping employees with the tools and resources, organizations can create a culture of their creativity and innovation. Overall, targeted hiring programs are a valuable tool for organizations looking to attract and retain top talent with the focused capabilities required to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. By investing in these programs, organizations can ensure that they are bringing in the right people to drive their strategic objectives forward. Developing the focus capabilities is essential for increasing the number of high valued innovators along with targeting hiring programs for organizations that can unlock their full potential and contribute to the success and growth of their organizations.

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Why SOC 2 Audits Are So Valuable For SAS Startups And Established Companies

In April 2010, the AICPA announced a new auditing standard: the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagement (SSAE 16).

This new auditing standard is known today as the Service Organization Controls or the SOC 2.

This auditing standard reports on the internal controls of a company for what is defined as the five Trust Services (These trust criteria’s are Security, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, Privacy, and Availability of customer data).

My firm was introduced to this audit in 2011. Since we deliver software applications via the web, most companies that we sell to request this certification prior to any sale/engagement.

That same year, our senior management mandated that we comply and provide annual SOC 2 reports. First, we hired a leading accounting firm that guided us through the process. We found out immediately that the audit demands that a firm designate key personnel from every division and provide targeted data on their controls. Once the controls are documented, the accounting firm then comes on site and tests these controls in real-time with your team, ultimately providing the report. Processing time on a full report is approximately six (6) months from start to finish.

The SOC 2 audit legitimizes and provides full transparency on critical operational standards within your company. It truly calls out deficiencies and builds a stronger company. Although this audit is expensive and very time consuming, it will bridge any resistance to all operational questions a customer needs answered prior to signing the deal!

Our President and CEO, Arthur Pereless, said, “The SOC 2 audit is a pre-requisite to any sale of our company’s products! Our firm could not effectively compete without this certification.”