March 31, 2017 Pereless

2 Powerful Applicant Tracking System Tools To Remember…

applicant tracking system

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) were created to streamline recruitment and hiring processes for HR professionals. There are many platforms that perform the common tasks and automation expected within an ATS, however sometimes recruiters will realize too late that a system lacks certain functions they deem necessary. Two of those functions include a job approval and offer letter approval process.

What Are Job Approval & Offer Letter Approval Processes?

Job Approval: Some businesses require hiring teams to create jobs in an applicant tracking system and send it to certain individuals to review before making it live. The typical process consists of recruiters building jobs using an ATS including drafting the descriptions, location, job category, salary, etc; then sending it off to the appropriate players to review, accept, or reject the job requisite.

Offer Letter Approval: Once a hiring team has decided to hire a candidate, some companies require them to create an offer letter summarizing the position’s key information and sending it to upper management for approval. Offer letters include data such as the job title the candidate will fill, salary or hourly pay, agreements, and other custom fields a company wishes to capture.

A smart applicant tracking system will include these processes standard and allow teams to seamlessly create jobs for approval and build offer letters to send through a pipeline of reviewers.  ATS platforms like this one send alerts to ping selected reviewers once they are tasked with a job or offer letter approval.  If members begin to fall behind in reviewing their approval tasks, the ATS will automatically send email reminders for a set amount of time until it is complete.

If you are performing these approval tasks using an applicant tracking system, you MUST also have the ability to report on them! The ATS should have the ability to pull job approval and offer letter approval reports on individual jobs plus break it down into specific criteria depending on what you need to focus on.  ATS platforms like Pereless Systems includes a report that can break down specific ATS users job/offer letter activity and response time.  Reporting and analytics are critical for companies who are keeping track of employees and ensuring they are utilizing their applicant tracking tool to the best of its ability while completing the necessary tasks to hire talent in a timely manner.

Job approval and offer letter approval processes are crucial for workflow and company growth.  Using an innovative applicant tracking system is a great way to execute these tasks and keep record of performance and successes; but just make sure the ATS you use can actually do it!