January 24, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

5 Recruiting Strategies for 2018

New technology seems to come out every few months. It can be almost impossible for a professional to keep up with industry trends while also trying to balance their every day tasks. We put together a list of 5 key strategy changes to implement into your recruiting plan this year.

1.Prepare for AI

The next frontier in recruiting: Artificial Intelligence. Over the past 20 years, recruiting technology has been disrupted over and over again. Make sure your recruitment management system has a plan in place to implement the new technology. Many people fear that AI will take over their job when in reality, it will optimize their work. AI automation can save HR 14 hours a week by taking over tedious tasks, resume searches, and data entry.

AI automation will lower costs by 35% and increase candidate experience by 17%, according to Ideal.

2. Push and Pull

Recruiters are going to have to worker hard to stand out from the flood of job postings online. HR professionals are working closer with marketers to create campaigns to attract candidates. Automation will create more time for creating a personal connection with candidates. Recruiters can no longer just push out a job posting, they have to work to pull candidates in. With AI doing most of the tedious work, recruiters can shift their focus to the personalization of applications. Why would the candidate apply to your company over all of the others they are seeing?

3. Utilize a Talent Network

Don’t miss candidates because the perfect position isn’t available when they reach your career page. Candidates who are specifically attracted to your company are more likely higher quality. Talent networks collect general information and automatically notify qualified candidates when a matching job opens. This provides an automatic list of candidates the moment there’s an opening.

4. Utilize Software

An Applicant Tracking System can provide one platform to help you with all of the tips mentioned. A centralized software will allow you to streamline your entire recruiting process. Integrations with payroll and background check companies through these systems will make your team more efficient.

75% of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process. 

5. Analyze

It can be very easy to get carried away trying to balance all of the recruiting channels. At least once a month, sit down and look at your analytics. Where are your most qualified candidates coming from? Are you spending time on things that aren’t bringing in results? The answers may surprise you as recruiting continues to evolve. Every company has a unique strategy so your analytics may show something different from the company down the street. You are the only one who knows that works for your hiring plans.