December 7, 2020 Pereless

2 Tech Tools For Successful Remote Work

When 200 recruiters were asked about new adaptations to work life during COVID-19, the results:

84% hiring teams said they were shifting towards remote work

80% began using video interviewing software

46% increased social media presence to share job opportunities

58% started using social media to promote brand and source more candidates

With an increase of work-from-home job opportunities, HR professionals are adapting to new ways of sourcing and hiring talent. Technology platforms and solutions haveindustry has introduced new innovations that claim to solve HR obstacles.

#1 Social Media

The global pandemic keeps people at home and using social media. Millions of jobs have been lost due to COVID-19 shutdowns while social distancing is still recommended across the nation. As some businesses operate semi-normal, people are now favoring work-from-home positions or companies that are flexible to it. A social strategy that reflects a societal preference will encourage higher candidate engagement, flow, and connection. It’s important to give talent an easy way to submit applications directly from your social post. Social will also serve as a great way to connect with the general public and build brand reputation.

#2 Video Interview Software

Once you have discovered talent, it’s time to get to know them through interviews. With telephone screening only going to so far, video interviewing software can manage the entire process without in-person requirement. Interviews can be automated to allow candidates a way to submit responses to questions already recorded by hiring teams. You can also do it the old-fashioned way, just via video!

According to Amy Hargrove of All Web Leads, this popular video interviewing platform, “Decreased the time we spend screening candidates by 67%.” Leslie Willson from Digital Federal Credit Union cited that her team, “…Made 300 hires out of 8,000 applicants with a recruiting team of 3 people.”

Absent a global pandemic, video interviewing software and social media remain a cost-effective method for brand building and hiring the best talent. One of the many lessons of 2020 is learning to navigate through obstacle. When you know what you need and how to achieve it, the possibilities are plentiful!