November 7, 2016 Pereless

Applicant Tracking Meets Onboarding – The Benefits

Onboarding Help

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are best known as a Human Resource tool for automating job applications and providing a database of candidate information.  Yet, with technological innovation and change, the ATS industry has started to transform their products into dynamic recruitment and hiring platforms that do more than just record keep.  A key element that is becoming more frequently added to ATS functionality is (Onboarding) capability.  Onboarding helps employers welcome new hires, transition them to new employees quickly and train them more efficiently.  Coupled with an Applicant Tracking System, Onboarding can simplify the hiring process for companies and provide a smooth, convenient and positive experience for incoming employees.

Onboarding + Applicant Tracking = Easy Hiring & New Employee Success!

1. Centralized, Cloud-Based Portal For New Hire Documents –  All documents that are required for review and/or signature by new hires can be uploaded as an electronic document into the Onboarding portal. This provides HR a centralized database where they can upload, organize and assign documents to new hires easily.  Employers can track completion progress and manage documents at any time, using any device.

2. New Hires Can Complete Tasks & Sign Documents Electronically – New hires login to a secure Onboarding portal to read and sign important documents electronically using a desktop or mobile device. This gives new employees more time to focus on training and preparing for their new role at the company.

3. Welcome Forum & Resource Center – New employees are anxious to learn more about their new place of employment, and according to a recent study, have a better chance at long-term success if properly trained.  Employers can use Onboarding as a welcome mat plus an informative portal that provides new hires with the tools they need to begin learning.   Training videos, employee handbooks, company benefits, reading materials and social media links can all be included which are accessible prior to the employee’s first day.  New hires will gain a further appreciation of workplace culture and values with a positive learning process that helps them achieve company goals in the future.

4. Communicate With The Company Team – A vital feature of Onboarding technology is team communication.   Employers can create and assign tasks to specific team members in preparation of a new employee’s arrival.  Send reminders and keep track of completion progress to make sure all team members are on the same page, and your new hire has everything they need on day one!

According to a recent study, new employees who experience a poor Onboarding experience are 8 times more likely to become disengaged at work. These same employees are 11 times less likely to refer individuals to their workplace.  Request a demo below to receive a quality Onboarding portal free when you sign with Pereless Systems