September 15, 2020 Pereless

Connect With Talent Fast With Text Recruiting Software

With the CDC reporting declining cases of COVID-19 in the United States and abroad, it is a recruiter’s market for companies that have survived the pandemic. With individuals looking to get back to work, hiring teams face tough competition to source and hire the best talent. Businesses are increasingly turning to text recruiting software and other virtual technologies to communicate with talent quickly.

Text recruiting speeds up communication

Companies actively hiring have a massive pool of eager and talented candidates to review. Yet it’s important to connect with people as quickly as possible before your competition does. According to CNBC, 55% of recruiters are focusing their efforts on phone calls to source talent. Sending text messages to candidates can expedite the process even more.

Smart phone and texting data

81% of the American population own a smart phone.

95% of text messages received are read.

98% of texts are opened compared to just 20% of emails.

Is text recruiting for everyone?

Engaging job seekers through text allows recruiters to establish relationships far quicker than email or a phone call. Yet, not all job seekers will appreciate this method of communication. 96% of people ages 18-29 have a smart device, while only 79% of people aged 50-64 do. Consider your talent pool demographic before texting them and stick to traditional steps if it makes more sense. Recruitment phases like scheduling interviews can be achieved in a matter of seconds compared to several days via email or telephone, but you don’t want to use a method if your candidates are not familiar with it.

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