June 30, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

How to Create A Viral Social Media Campaign

Most startup companies today manage to expand by having a prominent following online. Although telling your neighbor about your business and buying a pricey magazine ad can be helpful, social media is the way to go. First you need to figure out which social media platforms will draw the most people in, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. From there you need to know how to effectively and creatively use these platforms. Not only will you get more customers, but you will also attract potential employees that will help your business thrive.

Once you have found a platform to use…

Post actively and be interesting!

If you are only posting once a week and neglecting your social media pages, it will show in your follower count. Try to post something daily on all of your platforms and even twice a day if possible. You also want to make sure that your content is enjoyable, don’t just post random and irrelevant content. It can be difficult sometimes to make content that is both interesting to the general population and relevant to your business, but keep posting and you’ll see your followers grow!

And speaking of interesting…

Try some comedy.

Everyone loves a good laugh. Collaborate with your colleagues on funny videos or pictures to post. You should still try to keep it relevant, but get creative! A perfect example of this is the Dollar Shave Club. Their video advertisement was somewhat outrageous but everyone loved the comedic aspect of it. That video went viral and they are extremely well-known today.

Present your company well.

People who have any interest in your company, whether they are customers or potential employees, will Google you. You do not want the first thing to popup after a search to be a Google review with one star or an empty Facebook page. This can hurt the credibility of your business and it does not provide enough information about your company. This is especially important when hiring and recruiting. You certainly will not be able to hire ideal employees if your business has a poor online presence. This is also why having an effective way to track your applicants is essential!

Interact with your followers.

Once you do have some sort of following established, a little bit of interaction can go a long way. Wendy’s, for example, has a lot of popularity online with their hilarious posts and roasts on twitter. No matter how large your company is, people appreciate when you take the time to respond to them.

If you plan to expand, make sure you are ready for it with a great social media presence. If you already follow these tricks, then you’re way ahead of the game! Now you can watch your follower count grow along with your business.