August 24, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

Diversity in the workplace: Part 3

Companies have been trying to diversify their staff for the past decade. Without a diversified staff, sometimes ideas could be stagnant and unoriginal. Intel, Google, Apple and other companies have taken this into effect and are making these changes. For every women, veteran or minority that an employee refers they will receive a bonus $4,000 dollars, which is more compared to if they were to refer a Caucasian male. We have covered all of the benefits and advantages you could have with a diversified workforce in our first two blogs in this series; however, what happens if we do not follow this path of diversity? What if we don’t make a change?

diversity part 3People believe that the key to success is through a diverse company and workforce. When people of the same nature look at the same problems, they have similar thoughts and also similar solutions. However, many people may decide that this new path could be their downfall. Companies who already have success in the employee workforce probably do not want to change. There is a difference between potential and reality. Many people have reported that the performance hasn’t changed and even that some problems have occurred. Sometimes the installment of a diverse workforce can make the majority threatened and, sometimes, even hostile. The input of their ideas can create conflict due to different views and backgrounds.

First impressions are lasting impressions. If one thing goes wrong, then everything will start to fail; it can then be impossible to fix the reputation created. Seeing someone of a different race, ethnicity, gender and age can definitely create conflict. The only way to avoid problems while introducing a diverse workforce is to pick the right people. Find someone who will immediately fit right in to the atmosphere. Someone whose attitude is what the staff would want to work with and be comfortable with. Learn to like them for who they really are, not just because of their looks or upbringing. Sometimes you have to let people adapt to the lifestyle in the office, before you really get involved.

To help gather data on diversification in your company, our ATS offers reports that can be run based on EEO information. Once the report is run, you have the option to view it visually with charts displaying percentages of your workforce and their demographics. Here at Pereless we  work hard to optimize and offer our clients the best recruiting and application process, between our First Class support team and the various information and metrics that our reports can display, our clients can Expect the Best and Settle for Nothing Less


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