March 4, 2019 Pereless

This Tech Piece The Most Crucial & Overlooked…

Email confirmations.

These are so important, yet often one of the most overlooked functionalities of an applicant tracking system.

When purchasing an item online, the standard etiquette includes receiving a confirmation email. Obviously, a big reason for this is because money is involved and a transaction took place. Yet, it also confirms that everything went smoothly, and that the ball is now in the company’s court to fulfill the next task.

Although filling out a job application doesn’t involve money spent, it involves money (that can potentially) be earned. Candidates in the market for landing a new career will take this very seriously. That is why it is so important to acknowledge their effort and confirm they successfully applied for a position and the company’s “tech” actually worked.

With the proper recruitment software such as Pereless Systems, setting up communication tools is quick, easy, and innovative while easing work tasks for hiring teams.

No one likes to be ignored…

Acknowledge and appreciate the talented people interested in working for you! Use Pereless Systems applicant tracking software to set up custom email templates. Templates can be assigned to specific recruit flows and set to send automatically to every candidate that enters that flow; which solves the problem for email confirmations for new submitted applications!

Sending a friendly confirmation reassures candidates that their information will be reviewed and they can expect a response. This is an easy and professional way to maintain a positive relationship with candidates.

Maintain privacy while building a talent pool

Teams using the Pereless ATS can create a generic email address to communicate with candidates. This is a great way to build a talent pool and connect with candidates without compromising your personal email. All data is tracked and reported in the ATS!

Pereless users have the flexibility to customize the ATS to best fit their recruitment processes providing candidates a positive experience while relieving recruiters of manual work. In a technologically advanced age, why not use it to your advantage?