August 9, 2016 Pereless

Engaging, Attracting, And Retaining Top Talent

Marketing your company and career opportunities to potential candidates can be difficult.  In today’s tough job market, businesses are looking for new ways to engage, attract, and retain top talent while candidates are searching for specific indicators to help them decide which company they should work for.    There are many tools candidates can use to research a business in depth; and those tools should be provided by a knowledgeable company.  So, if you’re having trouble attracting and retaining top talent, you may need to do a full review of your strategies and make sure you are covered on all basis.  Below are a couple ways to get back on track and engage the talent you need!

Retaining Top Talent

Engage By Catching Their Attention

To get your company or job positions out into the public eye,  you and your team need to develop a well-managed and effective marketing strategy.  This includes vital steps such as partnerships with different career sites, advertisements through blogs and other digital venues, outgoing emails linked to your personalized website, and of course social media postings.

The use of Sponsorship is a creative way to revitalize your marketing strategy.  While sponsoring a brand or individual may be expensive, it is a reliable way to attract potential candidates. For example, imagine sponsoring a professional athlete. Professional athletes are admired by fans for the respect that they have on and off field. The people that these athletes attract could be in the millions, so envision the amounts of followers that these athletes have on their social media accounts. Sponsoring a player for a specific event not only helps to boost your reputation but also attracts people that may be curious and interested in learning more about your company.

Social media is not something you want to neglect, so always remember to update your social media page. This allows you to branch out and interact with your audience, become aware and involved in new trends, and most importantly, advertise yourself in the best way possible. Keeping a social foot forward in this world can, and has helped attract new candidates to companies.


Attract By Focusing On The Individual, Rather Than Generalizing To The Public

When you send out that first email to a prospective candidate, you are looking to spark their interest in your company right away. A generalized email describing your company may not attract the candidate that you really want.  Attempting to individually relate to your candidates and make them feel comfortable should be the goal. Do some research, gather information on their successes, and relay why they’d be a great fit in the email. Don’t be afraid to mention the successes you and your company have had over the years. Company reputation is another great way to attract potential candidates.  By personalizing emails, you help to ensure that when the potential candidate clicks into it, they are not immediately clicking the trash bin at the top of the screen. Remember, clicking into and actually engaging are two different things! One may lead to failure and one may lead to success.


Retain By Knowing What’s Best For Your Company

So you’ve marketed your company successfully and a potential candidate has agreed to a conversation. What is the next step? The next step is to convince them why they should work for your company.  The only way to do that is to show them proof of how great your company really is! Knowing your company assets inside and out will help to make the sell a much simpler process.  A great way to do this is by involving your team. There’s no better way to introduce candidates to company culture than by allowing those who already work there engage your prospects. Employees who can interact with applicants and give clear insights to the foundations of your business will help clarify what is expected and promote a team atmosphere serious candidates will appreciate.

Written by: Nolan Pereless