February 14, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Free ATS Integrations With Pereless Systems

At Pereless Systems, we don’t equate the size of a contract with the importance of a client. To prove this, all of our integrations are free and our pricing is the most competitive on the market.

Whether you have one user or 600 users, our support teams will not hesitate to assist from job posting to onboarding. Since the year 2000, we have not lost a deal due to price.

What’s included:

  • FREE integrations with payroll and tax credit companies
  • FREE skill and background assessment integrations
  • FREE and sponsored job postings to hundreds of websites
  • Onboarding, Agency Management, Reference Check, and Texting features
  • Social Post, Employee Referral Portal, and much more
  • Both client and job candidate support centers

Worried about transferring to a new system? You’ll be up and running in 5-7 days, including your data import from your current system. Request a demo today.