June 13, 2018 Pereless

Free & Unlimited Applicant Tracking System Users 🙌

As a leader in applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions for over two decades, we understand that Human Resource (HR) professionals heavily involved in recruiting may be required to communicate with individuals outside of the HR department. Whether it is getting an offer approval from your finance department, sending a job approval to marketing, or sharing an internal E-form, it shouldn’t cost your business extra money to complete tasks involving individuals outside of HR.

That’s why our ATS user matrix includes Recruit Team Members.  These are free and unlimited individuals added by administrators simply by including their first and last name, plus business email address within system settings.   Recruit Team Members never log into the ATS, yet can receive emails to review, accept, reject, and comment on candidate profiles, offer letter and job approvals, and internal E-form documentation.

A cost effective ATS doesn’t mean quality sacrifice.  Schedule a demo and we’ll prove it.