June 12, 2018 Pereless

Build Custom Electronic Forms Using This ATS Feature

Customize recruiting efforts using the E-Form builder

We built an applicant tracking system (ATS) electronic form (E-Form) tool for users to create and share internal documents and send to their talent pool.  E-forms can be used for the purpose of gathering more candidate information and/or for internal processes.  Forms are easily organized into groups and can be shared with selected or all ATS users (including offline Recruit Team Members).  You can even send internal forms out for team approval.

eform example

Simple drag & drop functionality lets you select options from the right-hand side menu & add them to the edit box.  All modules have a settings feature for additional customization ability.eform

Menu Options:

  • Checkbox Group – Create questions allowing for multiple answer selections
  • Date Field – MM/DD/YYYY
  • Header – Text for titles and footers
  • Paragraph – Free form text
  • Number – Enter a number and set minimum/maximum
  • Radio Group – Create questions allowing for only one answer selection
  • Select – Create questions with drop down or multiple selections
  • Text Field – Answer field for limited text responses
  • Text Area – Answer field for longer text responses

Form Type

There are two form options to choose from when creating or editing an E-form: Internal & Candidate.  Forms selected as “candidate” will be available to send to all candidates via their applicant profile.  “Internal” forms are only viewed by team members that were granted access to the form.

Send E-Forms To Candidates For Completion

candidate eform

Candidates receiving an E-form to complete will receive an email that includes a secure link.  Once submitted, the form is logged into the ATS and can be viewed by system administrators and users assigned to the candidate.

completed eform

Send Internal Forms For Approval

For internal E-forms, selected Recruit Team Members can participate in an approval processes if required.   Members will receive an email in the order they were placed with a secure link to view completed forms, approve, reject, and enter comments.

Request a demo to learn more about E-forms and get a live walk-through!