January 24, 2020 Pereless

Here’s What Recruiters Should Look For In Their Talent

What do recruiters value when selecting candidates? Experience, education, certifications, and skill-sets are undoubtedly among the top few. Yet, things like culture fit, authenticity, and positive attitudes are arguably just as important as work experience. As today’s world continually changes, and companies compete to stay relevant, how do you find the best talent while also finding the best fit?

Naturally, recruiters focus on hiring candidates who will match the required skills of the position. We usually refer to these as hard skills. While there is still emphasis on a candidate’s hard skills such as data analysis, marketing, software development, and information systems, businesses are considering it just as important to identify a specific set of soft skills as well.

So, what are soft skills?

They are an individual’s interpersonal skills. Most significant of these are purpose, problem-solving, and emotional stability. While all of these skills hold value, some are more fundamental in recognizing how effective a person can be in their role. Employees who possess these additional traits will unquestionably strengthen company culture as well-adjusted and open-minded individuals who are willing to evolve and contribute to the continuous growth of the company.

Having an efficient and responsive recruiting process is beneficial to both the employer and candidate. Candidates must interview before being considered for a position, so cutting out this step is impossible. But what about a way to get a read on a candidate before even scheduling a face to face interview? Identifying a candidates’ soft skills would be identifiable right from the beginning.

Looking for a strong recruitment system that integrates with assessment tools to help you source the best talent?