June 30, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

You Have to Think Like an Applicant

When it comes to building an employer brand, it is crucial to think like you are the one applying for a position.  Consider what you would want to see in a company that would make you want to hit submit on an application.  In the modern day, with the power of the almighty Google, anyone who is interested in working for your company will in fact search your company online.  Since this is becoming more popular, it is very important to build a very likeable and inviting employer brand that brings in a more diverse candidate pool.

Type your company’s name into Google after reading this.  Put on your applicants shoes and see what they would see. Do you have a strong social media presence?  Do your core company values shine through what you post?  Does your employer branding make people want to work for you?

To really nail it on the head,  show how much your employees love working for you.  YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, make a video highlighting the message you want your company to portray and why is it so great to work there.  People want visuals,  it is way more convincing than having testimonials at the bottom of your website in black and white text. Most of the time people who read them do not even believe that they are true success stories.

Your employer branding is like an entrance to a theme park. Does your entrance have bright colors and flashing lights that make people want to go inside, or is it dark and gloomy with spider webs alongside the entrance doors with tumbleweeds rolling by?

If yours is the latter of the two, it is time to start thinking like the applicant and create a space that makes people want to be proud of being an employee for your enterprise.

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