September 7, 2017 Pereless

Hire With Confidence Using This Reference Check Tool…

Employers on the verge of sending job offers to candidates want to be sure they make the right hiring decisions. Often times, employers will contact the applicant’s references to confirm qualifications in work, education, and other important aspects of their experience before making that final decision.  Pereless Systems applicant tracking system makes it easy and convenient for recruiters to connect with candidate references and manage their data with one platform. Here’s how it works:

1) Employers send an email to candidates with a secure login link and pass-code.  

pereless reference check


2) Candidates then add, remove, and confirm their references personal information.

pereless reference check


3) Candidates can then write a personalized message and send an email to their references requesting they review and confirm recommendations.

4) Once references receive the email, they have the ability to review, accept, or reject endorsements plus write custom responses which are sent and recorded into the applicant tracking system.  

This email method makes it easy for busy recruiters to gather the information they need quickly into one system while not having to worry about playing phone tag with busy references.  If you are in the market for an innovative applicant tracking system that does it all (without killing your budget) request a demo with us today!