December 5, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

How Networking and Technology have Changed the Business World

As businesses become more revolved around technology, the use of networking has spiked in the business world. Networking can mean many things, mainly working together with others to benefit multiple parties. Business networking can be used to make connections, apply for jobs, make deals and create partners. The addition of networking in the business world has created many benefits and continues to help it grow. The involvement of networking has also grown from the spike in social media over the past few years, specifically on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a place where people and businesses can make mutual connections at the click of a button. This has changed the way people find jobs or connect with people. Networking, combined with the advances in technology, have changed how people connect with each other and has made it easier to navigate through the business world.


Networking in itself is a way to make connections. If you communicate with others, it is easy to meet new people and make mutual connections. The rise in networking and technology has made making connections an intrical part of the business world. When it comes to finding jobs, having relationships is key to standing out against other applicants. The popularity of LinkedIn has made it easy and simple for people to create a wider range of connections based on their employment history and future work interests. Along with making connections, it is easier to find jobs through networking, especially through LinkedIn and other online sources. By networking on the web, you can research for jobs to find positions that would be fitting to your interests and background experience.


Another aspect of networking that is beneficial to business is the ability to find other companies through connections that could benefit a company’s product. This could include partnering with a company to use their product to grow your business. By networking with other companies, you can build relationships that could benefit you and your company in the future. It could also help other companies to promote each other’s businesses and products through deals and marketing combinations. By coming together through networking, companies bring attention to both of their products and give people an incentive to buy and use both of their products.


Networking has created new connections in many aspects of the business world. With advances in technology and the popularity of social media, the benefits of networking continue to grow. By building a network for you and your company, you are able to expand and excel throughout your experience in business. Networking comes with many benefits and can help build your company in the future.


Madelyn McMahon