May 11, 2016 p3website

Choose a Superpower and Apply it to HR

I remember often throughout life being asked the question, “If you could be a superhero, what would be your superpower?” Some of the most common answers included invisibility, immortality, and laser beam eyes, but my personal favorite was seeing into the future. Foreseeing the future meant I could prepare for what was coming before it happened. I could become proactive. Although looking into the future remains a fantasy (at least in present time), the idea of becoming proactive is possible without supernatural powers.

Most of our days are spent being reactive. Whether it’s our phone ringing, our email pinging, or a glass falling and shattering to the floor, we immediately react and respond once it happens. When it comes to candidates applying for our open job positions, we do the same: react and vet their qualifications. While we cannot predict when we’ll receive a phone call or an email, we can become proactive when it comes to sourcing candidates for open jobs.

In today’s job market, the process of seeking new employees is primarily the same for all companies: A new job opportunity is posted on social media, job boards, or a company’s website while a Human Resource professional watches and waits for new candidate resumes to flow through their Applicant Tracking System or their email inbox. They wait to react to this influx of data to read through and dissect it searching for the perfect candidate for their open positions. Basically once the job is posted everything else that follows suit is reactive until hiring takes place.

In comes our superpower, “seeing into the future!” While we cannot literally determine the future, we can provide the tools that allow us all of the “superpower” ability to be proactive with our recruiting efforts. Meet Pro-Link by Pereless Systems. Perhaps there’s an upcoming project on the horizon that will require hiring new employees, or your company goes through seasonal attrition and you need to fill some positions, or there’s a top priority of building a pool of qualified candidates for future recruitment–whatever the case may be–Pro-Link is the key to being proactive. This tool will aide in actively seeking out and building a database of qualified passive candidates that are a perfect fit for your company’s open positions. Some of these candidates might be employed at companies just like yours, (we can discover this from viewing their public social media profiles). With Pro-Link, you can now capture and store their information, start conversations with them, and attract them to your organization’s future job opportunities–all while tracking your activity and efforts.

If I could choose, I wouldn’t drop a glass on the floor, get into a car accident, or fall down the stairs, but unfortunately I can’t see into the future to know these things will happen. When it comes to recruiting, I do choose to put my superpower to use, and become proactive with my processes. Even if I am not hiring someone today, I know that soon I might need to, so I can become proactive in my efforts by building my own talent pool of qualified candidates to seek out when the time comes. It’s that simple, and with Pro-Link I am a superhero!

So…… what’s your superpower?

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