October 9, 2019 Pereless

If You’re Not Sponsoring Jobs, You Should Be…

Pereless Systems applicant tracking provides employers an easy way to post jobs to the top free recruiting sources on the internet: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and the LinkedIn (Free Non-Sponsored listings). Naturally, clients will enjoy plenty of candidate traffic from these sources with standard postings as they are the most commonly used platforms to source talent.

Yet despite high candidate flow, it can be tough to fill a position! In cases like this, you may want to consider sponsoring a job.

Sponsored jobs can receive up to 5 times more clicks than an organic posting!

How is this possible?

In the organic listing, jobs age and lose priority as time passes. A sponsored job retains is listing placement, ensuring that more candidates can see and click on the post.

Each job board is going to have different costs and benefits to their sponsored post, but with Pereless Systems, you never need to worry about evaluating a source! By running simple sourcing metrics, users can evaluate their sponsored post campaign for effectiveness and candidate quality.

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