August 3, 2016 p3website

The Importance of Integrating Hiring Managers Into An ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), provides an easier way of hiring qualified candidates. Let’s face it, if you are a mid to large sized company without this software you are falling behind. According to The Wall Street Journal, 90% of large companies implement an ATS and it would be very difficult to find a fortune 500 company without one. Although Applicant Tracking Systems are generally beneficial to companies with a large client base, most of them are not being used to their full potential. Many systems lack the engagement of hiring managers and hiring teams, which prevent the best possible candidates from being hired. Hiring managers need to be integrated into the ATS to help your company reach its full potential in the following ways:

  • Integrating Hiring Managers/Hiring Teams creates a way for more strategic hiring:

By using a Hiring Manager or Hiring Team, a candidate’s resume is reviewed by qualified personnel that knows what they are looking for. For example, a Hiring Manager in Pereless Systems’ ATS has the opportunity to approve a candidate and move them to the next step of the hiring process or send their application to another partner on the hiring team to approve. By doing this and getting the opinion of every member of the hiring team, the best possible candidate is going to be hired.

  • The Best Possible Candidate will be Hired:

By integrating a Hiring Manager/ Hiring Team in your ATS the possibilities of hiring the best possible candidate is increased immensely. By having a group of hiring professionals reviewing resumes through the use of an ATS the best possible candidates will be chosen, and help fill your company with the best possible employees.

Written by: Spencer Pereless

Companies using an ATS to hire candidates without integrating a hiring team are missing out on all of the benefits an Applicant Tracking Systems has to offer.  Request a demo to see how our ATS can help your company!

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