April 11, 2018 Pereless

Interview Advice: How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

Looking for advice on how to shine during your next job interview?  We found an awesome video on Youtube by career strategist Linda Raynier who provides some valuable tips on how to answer the commonly asked question, “Tell me about yourself.”  

Main takeaways (including timestamps)

  1. (1:35) Beginning with your first work experience, give a historic overview that includes the company name, job title, years within that role, and major responsibilities.
  2. (2:52) Describe one major accomplishment you achieved within that role; i.e. a process you improved, an idea that saved money, or anything that resulted to a company benefit.
  3. (4:12) Acknowledge what you understand about the role and what the company needs to fulfill their goals.
  4. (5:22) Describe why you are the perfect fit for that role in a nutshell.