December 12, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

Introducing: Employee Referral Portal

The referral portal is a useful resource for any client! This new feature not only gives system users the ability to track and report on important information like referrals—but also allows the employee to actively recruit.

Any existing employee is able to create an account with the portal, by company email or social media. Once they have created an account, they can easily add friends and their skills and send them jobs that they believe they are a good fit for. Not only do your employees have the power, but the portal is able to match the friends to the best fit job for them!

The referral portal offers a user friendly and interactive way for your employees to view the open positions for your company and refer their friends or family to that position. There are a few different ways the employees can do this, depending on their preference.

Best of all, all functions are fully reportable in the ATS.

Create an Account

When first logging into the Employee Referral Portal, an account must be created. With a simple sign up, employees can also link their social networks for ease later on.

Add Friend

This section allows users to add their friends or family members to the portal so that they can receive referral notifications.

After entering basic information, the user can now “tag” their friend with skills. These skills match to the job keywords and calculate how much of a match the friend is to the job.

Find Jobs

The Find Jobs tab is a running list of all the currently active jobs inside of the ATS. The user can easily filter and narrow down the jobs list by typing into the search fields at the top.

Employees can then see, based on the information they filled out about their friends, how great of a match their friends are for a job posting. If none of their friends fit the job, they also have the option to share a job posting to their social media.

Send Referral

This section is where the user can send emails to their added friends with the jobs that they believe are a good match.

There is also the option to send the direct job link to the candidate they wish to refer. They can choose which friend and which job they would like to match and easily send out the referral.