April 23, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Introducing: Two Way Outlook and Google Calendar Sync

Pereless Systems has officially launched a new two way sync between the ATS and Outlook/Google calendars.

This integration will allow for a seamless sync between Outlook 365/Google Calendars and ATS calendars. Easily track your availability within the ATS whether you add events through the calendar in our system. Simple add a new event and sync to both of your calendars.

When you first set up the new calendar sync, you will have to give the ATS permission to access your calendar. This is a one time step that will allow you to take advantage of the sync feature.

Note: If you use Outlook on your computer but your email provider is Gmail, you’ll be using the Google Sync feature. The Outlook sync is for clients who use Outlook 365 as their main email.