May 15, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

Is Your Company Ready for Mobilegeddon?

The mobile revolution is here.  Is your company ready?  It is urgent for HR professionals to ensure their corporate web sites, as well as career pages are both mobile-friendly and responsive.  Have you taken steps to stay in front of the curve?  In today’s ever changing web environment, if you have not, it will not only cost you organic traffic but may jeopardize the company’s bottom line.

Google announced plans regarding an updated algorithm retooled to promote mobile-friendly pages back in February of 2014.  Google broke historic precedent doing this, giving web-based publishers ample time to make their sites mobile friendly. As such, Google will provide a text label under the URL that reads “mobile friendly”. This will help to drive the candidate on the move to your site vs. your competitor who is not mobile optimized.

While this is important for all search results, it is even more critical for companies to consider this when they are posting their jobs, especially if they are recruiting a younger demographic. These applicants are on the move – using mobile device for most all web transactions including job searches.  Search Engine Land reported this past month that the desktop to mobile ratio is currently holding at 2/1, with the average mobile devises accounting for 66 present of users compared to the PC at 33 percent.  In order to attract the best candidates, HR professionals need to stay in front of this trend.

In the past, Google penalized companies who did not move forward with the times in regards to mobile abilities.  We are on a better path today, rewarding those who accommodate the needs of the modern job seekers.  That’s not to say sites that are mobile will get all the traffic, rather providing sites an ability to boost Google traffic ratings while improving their client’s mobile experience.

The same is true for your Applicant Tracking Systems career page and social media recruiting efforts today. The two correlate for the contemporary recruiter when ensuring their company is keeping corporate media streams fresh to the modern viewer.  If not, your Google driven traffic will drop off in addition too applications to available posted positions. No one wants that. Call Pereless Systems today to find out how we can optimize your careers page, convert more job seekers to applicants and see real results on hires!