February 27, 2017 Pereless

How an ATS Could Solve an HR Nightmare

What is one of the top complaints job candidates have when it comes to online applications?  No communication or follow up from the employer once it is submitted. For smaller start up companies who lack the manpower or resources, this may be something that is unavoidable. But for companies utilizing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), there should be standard tools that help to avoid this issue and in turn create a positive experience for candidates; whether they are hired or not.

In 2015, Talent Board conducted a survey that concluded an increasing trend of, “less personalization…less responsive trends overall,” in regards to online applications and employer feedback.  For example, candidates were less likely to receive confirmation messages once their application was submitted.  This can easily cause frustration and concern since the job seeker went through the entire apply process only to feel uncertain if it was actually received or if a human will actually review it.   This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your current ATS but that simply you need to, “make it smarter,” as co-founder of Karen.ai Noel Webb said.  An ATS operating on “smart” mode will allow you to set up functions like automated letters that can be sent out to candidates once they apply.  This not only puts them at ease and confirms their application was received, but can also provide additional information on what to expect moving forward.   This is a great way to begin initial introductions, show consideration towards candidates, start off on a positive note, and begin building strong relationships with your talent pool.  After all, one study of 1,200 workers found that 1 in 4 applicants severed ties with a brand after having a negative experience during the apply process.  Not only that, 33% of candidates shared their negative experiences on social media.  That can get ugly for your brand fast.

The bottom line: make sure to communicate with job candidates and ensure you have an ATS that has all of the functionality to do it for you automatically.

“The way a company treats a candidate during the hiring process can either be a huge competitive advantage in a very hot market when trying to attract hard to find candidates, or it can be a major reason why candidates run from a particular company.” – Robert Byron – (Partner/Manager WinterWyman)