October 16, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Make Offer Approval a Team Effort

Send offer letters for team approval;

Automate the process;

No room for error!


ATS users customize, manage, and control offer letter set up to include hired data and salary information. They can then send letters out for approval to anyone in the company; not just licensed ATS users!  There is no limit to the amount of people that can be involved in the process!

Users simply assign individuals to participate in review and choose the preferred order of email receipt.  Our system sends an email that includes a secure link to each established point of contact.  Recipients then can review, approve, reject, and comment on letters to continue the process forward or send it back to its creator for updates.   Completed fields are recorded as variables and fed into both the offer letter and incorporated third-party payrolls if applicable.

Candidate Perspective

Once the offer approval process is completed internally, confirmed offer letters are sent directly to the intended new hire.  Forms are equipped with e-sign technology allowing individuals to review, respond, and sign seamlessly on the go.  All data is recorded securely and accessible to recruiters in the ATS.

Third-Party Integration

Our system integrates with several payroll providers, making it easy to accept approved and signed offer letters to streamline the final steps of hiring.  We don’t charge any fees to integrate!

Get Started

The offer letter approval tool will regain hours lost that involved tasks without automation.  Best of all, it will eliminate room for error while tracking team compliance.