June 8, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

How Mobile Job Applications Will Change Recruiting

Modernizing the application process is crucial for recruiters to find and attract top tier talent.

Mobile devices have become arguably the most important piece of technology we own. Cellphones are changing the way that people consume data and interact with businesses. A major increase in technology companies has been seen over the past 10 years, disrupting industry after industry.

Internally, companies have been left scrambling to keep their processes and software up-to-date. Human Resources and Recruiting Departments are no exception.

For the past year, Pereless Systems has had mobile career pages and application processes.  These features help to maximize the access of recruiting and reach of job opportunities to candidates. Applicants no longer have to be restricted to apply on a computer.  These on-the-go features, along with our one-page application process, make for a quick, simple, and responsive experience. With mobile application capabilities, companies will see their candidate pools increase due to the vast amount of people using their smartphones.

Many times applicants will shy away from long applications due to inconvenience and time needed. Seeing all application fields on one page and on a phone screen is a very attractive process for applicants. Becoming a technologically savvy company through mobile applications will set companies apart when trying to attract new employees.  It is vital to keep up with the ever-growing world we live in.  

In addition, one page application processes are rising in popularity.

Candidates are faced with an increasing number of job postings and an increasing number of competition, so expediting the application process will encourage them to apply.

Company growth can be stunted without adaptation.  This is why it’s imperative to become a mobile friendly company.  The additions of mobile applications and career pages will help tremendously in doing so.  In competitive markets, this is the best way to get the quality candidates that fit your company culture and work ethic.  Take the time to evaluate your HR approach and become more mobile friendly for the best results.  

To see how easy it is to become a mobile company,  contact Pereless Systems to add mobile applications and career pages to your applicant tracking and on-boarding strategy.