April 1, 2019 Pereless

Recruiters Don’t Need To Cancel Themselves To Use AI Tech

The possibilities are endless in today’s world of innovation and technology.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is introducing itself into several industries across the globe – including recruitment – and is both welcomed and feared by many.  Some anticipate the benefits of streamlining processes while others worry their jobs are on the line; a serious topic that has even inserted itself into the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.

However, humans can remain important players while utilizing AI.  It all depends on how companies are building it into their software. 


Earlier this year, Pereless Systems launched our BETA “Intelli-Match” AI tool to provide recruiters a smarter way to sort through candidates.  Based on specific data points entered by the job creator, the algorithm will sort and rank best-suited candidates on the job level.  Recruiters are still 100% involved in the process and responsible for reviewing and dispositioning candidates. 


Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly “smarter” and accurate as it gathers data and learns company processes.  New clients will receive “Intelli-Match” for 3 months free! You can also ask us about our 3-month trial to test drive the entire system for curious prospects.

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