July 22, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

OnBoarding with Pereless Systems

OnBoarding is the New Way to Go!

When you ask a candidate to fill out a W2 or for that matter any new employee paperwork, it must be filled out by hand. However with an Onboarding Portal which is a standard tool of any Applicant Tracking System you can now have your new hires fill out everything online!

Onboarding has never been easier or more centralized. The Onboarding portal utilizes a secure location approach that allows for constant updates and shows the transaction path of specific paperwork. Not only is that important for the company, but also for the candidate because it allows them to know where all there information is going and if it is in the right hands. We all know paperwork can be tedious and time consuming but by implementing an electronic onboarding process it will allow data to be pushed immediately into a centralized ATS. This will allow for easy access for any new hire document.

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What Does This System Allow You to Do?

Paperwork filed and stored into a drawer can become unorganized and laborious to locate. The Onboarding feature gives the hiring manager the ability to go into a saved file online and search for any documents they need.

So what does this system actually allow you to do and view?

  1. Document Management. You, as the hiring manager, have the ability to store important paperwork pertaining to a candidate in specific files for easy accessibility and management.
  1. Electronic Signature Capabilities. The electronic signature indicates that a person accepts the contents of an electronic message, or more broadly, proving that the signature belongs to the author’s piece.
  1. Personalized Messaging. The hiring manager can send messages that are private between the candidate and themselves.
  1. Links for Communication (company videos). This feature allows the hiring manager to share a link to a specific page connecting the candidate to the company’s videos, blogs and recent releases.
  1. Ability to update information and EEO. The candidate has the right to access his/hers files and update their information. He/she can also change the status of their EEO if anything has recently changed. The same procedures apply for the hiring manager as well.


How Can It Benefit You?

The question is how could this not benefit you? The difference between the OnBoarding process and your current method is incredible. Not only does this feature present everything online, but it allows you to access specific documents and paperwork that need to be changed, updated or deleted. With these tools your work is more organized, which makes for a better day at the office. Click here for more information about this ATS feature. Not only will you realize that OnBoarding is the new way to earn success for your company, but you may realize that Pereless is the system you want helping you today.


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