January 10, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Optimize Your Hiring Process with an ATS

Sifting through paper and emailed resumes is tedious and unorganized.  An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software Human Resource tool that automates this and all other aspects of the recruiting process.  Here are 3 ways how an ATS will make your HR department more efficient.

Reduce the Amount of HR Tasks

When hiring, the HR department is weighed down with many tasks.  From creating the job details, posting on job board, reviewing candidates, and interviewing.  It can get pretty hectic.  With recruiting software, the workload lightens as an ATS does all of the hard work like posting on job boards and organizing applications for you.

Find Quality Candidates

With the help of an ATS it is easier to find high quality candidates.  There is nothing more frustrating than bringing in unqualified candidates for interviews.  This could be a big waste of time and money while looking to fill an open job opening.  With features that help sort through candidates by automatically removing unqualified applications to seamlessly sending candidates to co-workers for approval, it has never been easier to increase the efficiency the quality of candidates.  

Optimize Onboarding Process

Once you have found the right person for the job, it’s time for the onboarding process to begin.  This could be a headache for both the new employee and the company.  There is usually a lot of stress to get all the necessary paperwork filled out and submitted before the first day of work.  

Sending the paperwork via email or giving hard copies could be delay the process.  With an ATS, an onboarding portal eliminates this by sending e-forms that can be filled out online and submitted in real time, ensuring that all forms are taken care of prior to the employee’s first day.

Modernize your recruitment process by investing in an ATS.  All of the reasons why an ATS is right for your company listed above are available on Pereless Systems’ easy to use Applicant Tracking System.  To learn more request a free demo today!