June 9, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

What Makes Pereless Different from other ATS?

From large names to start-ups and with a variety of capabilities, Human Resource managers face a difficult decision when choosing an applicant tracking system (ATS). For those who currently have an ATS but are coming to the end of a contract, looking for a new opportunity can provide many benefits to your company. Pereless Systems has been in the market for 17 years, constantly growing our list of capabilities and our client base. Our platform is comparable to the top ATS in the market but there are some key differences that make Pereless unique in the market.

Dedicated Client Success Team

Customer service is extremely important for a business to survive. However, customer service often falls aside as a company grows and has to juggle more clients. Automated phone lines or general support FAQs become the way in which most customers can get their answers. At Pereless, we refuse to fall into that stereotype. Each client has a dedicated client success team who directly answer the phone for questions, support, and feedback. Every time you call us, you speak to a human.

This is not only one of our clients’ favorite perk, but it allows us to truly understand our clients’ needs. Due to this close relationship, our software development teams are constantly making updates and adding new features to our product. For some of our competitors, this is a nearly impossible connection to maintain, at Pereless we rely on this connection to enhance our software.

Internal Applicant Support Team

An internal applicant support team may be one of our most unique offerings. We strive to support not only our clients, but their candidates as well. For HR Managers, the application process can be a nightmare. The larger the company, the more applications they receive and therefore the more calls and questions from applicants.

We highly value both client and candidate support and have taken candidate relationship management to the next level. We provide an internal applicant support team who will directly take calls from candidates throughout the application process, lessening the work of hiring managers and therefore opening more time to do their jobs.

Flexible Pricing Model and Customized Packages

Many applicant tracking systems and on-boarding software providers lock their clients into long term contracts. In addition, there is little flexibility with pricing because of standardized packages. Due to the fact that we are privately owned, Pereless has the ability to put together customized packages for each client and we will never lose a deal because of pricing.

In addition, we rarely ask clients to sign into long-term or multi-year contracts. Pereless Systems will speak for itself and the lack of long-term contracts results in an indescribable drive to stay ahead of client needs. Our product and people are what keep our clients with us – not a legal obligation. Therefore, we constantly innovate to keep ourselves at the top.

Integrations with Job Boards, Payroll, Background and Assessment Providers

As one of the first in our industry, Pereless has established many integrations that provide an impressive range of functionality to our clients. We have access to hundreds of job boards through partnerships with companies like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and many others.

In addition, we have built our platform to accommodate services from payroll, background check & assessment providers like ADP, Aurico, and People Answers (and many more!). Pereless provides recruiters and HR Managers with an easy to use and centralized solution for their needs.

Unique and Robust Reporting that Includes, “Build Your Own” Customized Report

Analytics drive the reasoning behind all major business decisions. Analytics drive the reasoning behind all major business decisions. Provide management with robust reports that include a “Daily Activity Report”, “Candidate Source Report”, “EEO-1 Report”, “Cost per Hire” and “Time to Fill” reports. These are just a few examples of the report templates we offer. Need a customized report? Take advantage of our “Build Your Own Report” feature. All of our reports can be saved and run according to specific dates. Export reports to Excel or simply print them out for review. The difference between our reports and other ATS is that we offer a “build your own” reporting feature based off of your specific interests.

Branded Career Pages

Familiarity with a brand name is most often the reason a customer buys a product, whether or not that product is of high quality. Getting your logo in front of an audience is the best way for customers to become familiar with your business. For this reason, a lot of service providers and companies we compete with put their logo on your career pages and inside of your applications. Pereless Systems works more behind the scenes. We produce personalized and branded career pages with your logo, not ours.

Data Migration from Current Applicant Tracking System

Finally, we understand that there are other ATS in the market but we also understand this list of reasons is why companies switch over to Pereless. We have built our platform so that data transfer is extremely easy from your current provider into our platform. In fact, we offer to take 50% off of your implementation fee if you are switching from another ATS to our system.

If you would like to schedule a demo of our platform, please click here and we will be happy to work with you.