August 31, 2017 Pereless

Recruiters: Stop Paying Based On Company Size

Do you think it’s logical that applicant tracking system (ATS) vendors charge companies based on the total amount of employees they have versus how many users actually use the system? We don’t think so, which is why our clients save tons of money without sacrificing quality.   We charge clients per user and depending on the user level access they choose per user.  Best of all, we have a free and unlimited user option!

  • Power users (Also known as system administrators, these are the “see all, do all” users of the ATS)
  • Hiring Managers (Users with a restricted login portal who are assigned jobs, candidates, and other accessibility by power users)
  • Recruit Team Members (Free and unlimited users that do not log in to the ATS but are sent emails to participate in the candidate review and hiring process)

We also make it easy for power users to activate or deactivate ATS users as needed and replace them with new users. For instance, let’s say you have a hiring manager who is going on maternity leave for 3 months. Instead of purchasing a new user seat for an additional fee, you can inactivate her license temporarily and replace her with another employee without cost. The absent employee’s activity is saved while the new user’s activity is completely separate and reportable. When your hiring manager returns, power users can reactivate her in a matter of seconds! Power users have full control of their team and the access they have to the ATS!


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