April 27, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

Recruiting on Auto Pilot

How can I recruit effectively when I’m in the middle of so many other mission critical HR needs for my organization?

In today’s fast paced business environment the SMB (Small to Medium sized business) HR professionals are being asked to do so much more but have limited resources to assist.  It’s not that companies are intentionally doing this but instead it’s more of a bi-product of your growth.  As we grow our companies, we just expect business as usual from the so called ‘non-profit centers’ like HR.

We Need to Realign Our Thinking around the Importance of HR & Recruiting

Human Resources and Recruiting in general is one of the most mission critical business functions in any company.  There are so many reasons why!  Here are just a few:

3 Key Points to Consider

  1. Quality of Hire: How can we have the best products unless we have the strongest engineers?  How can we evangelize our core products if we don’t have the strongest marketers?  This is true in any and every department in any organization.
  2. Filling a Void: People are going to leave the company; it’s just a common fact.  Whether someone is retiring or has been offered the job of a lifetime, we will have departures.  Are we prepared for that void? The industry leaders know this and are utilizing today’s HR/Recruiting tools to immediately pull from a bench of qualified candidates that are waiting for their turn to shine.
  3. Attrition is a Bottom Line Killer: We spend a tremendous amount of time, resources and money onboarding new hires only to find that we missed the mark!  The new hire was not what we thought they were.  We can trace this back to the minimal amount of time that we spent on the vetting process because we are spread too thin.

You can see now why we need to pay more attention to our HR team and their needs.  In today’s market there is a tremendous arsenal of tools that will assist the HR team in doing more with less. Today’s Applicant Tracking Systems are so packed with functionality that you can basically put your recruiting on autopilot.

  1. Recruit: Build the requisition and attach weighted pre-screening questions that will bring out the cream of the crop.  Filtering is one of the best ways to cut out the noise and get right down to the best and most qualified applicants. HUGE TIME SAVER!
  2. Assess: Assessment testing and skills qualifications: So many of today’s best in breed ATS Software has tools for assessment and if not they directly integrate with tools for this process.  HUGE TIME SAVER!
  3. Engage: By engaging hiring managers, you will get the valuable feedback and in so doing, will cut down on attrition. HUGE MONEY SAVER!

This is just the beginning. By putting in a sound recruitment automation tool in place, you will be able to manage the process effectively and still have time to manage your other duties. When someone from HR comes into your office asking for more of a budget, do yourself a favor and listen to them. They are telling you they need help. Get them that assistance they need:  buy them the tools that they require to be successful, for this will pay dividends!