May 31, 2017 Pereless

5 Ways Start-Ups Can Benefit From Applicant Tracking

startups using applicant tracking systems


Start-up companies looking to expand their workforce are sometimes faced with major obstacles when it comes to recruiting talent. With the constraints of a small budget coupled with a sometimes non-existent Human Resource department, existing employees are often forced to take on the job of recruiter that may interfere or delay their original responsibilities – sometimes even setting the company back significantly.  How can a small business with a tight budget and tiny workforce grow without the threat of failure?


1) Purchase Applicant Tracking . . .

Implementing a cloud-based software solution like an Applicant Tracking System can streamline a majority of the internal and external processes of recruitment.  However, before deciding on an ATS vendor, make sure you are getting an easy to use and innovative tool that fits company needs without overloading you with features you don’t need.  You don’t want to get involved in a contract with a system that you won’t use!  Make sure you are provided training and have easy access to customer support when needed!

2) Improved Apply Process

How will prospective job candidates find your job listings and apply? The now perceived “outdated” way of gathering applications was using paper applications or requesting candidates send their resumes via email. Applicant Tracking Systems can automate all of this for you by providing a branded career page where your jobs are listed and candidates can apply electronically. Not only will this automatically organize and manage your candidates and resume files in one place, it will free up your email inbox and cut down on paperwork in the office.
3) From Manual To Automatic!

Not only will Applicant Tracking Systems automate applications but it can streamline internal work flows and tasks. With certain functionalities like job approval, offer approval, and recruit flow to disposition candidates, employees can rely on software to do the manual work for them.

4) Go Mobile

With millennials making up a majority of the new workforce, most of them are likely to rely on their mobile device to do everything – including filling out job applications. Innovative Applicant Tracking Systems will provide mobile-friendly career sites and applications so candidates can apply using their smart devices. Even better, some ATS solutions have internal text messaging capabilities that allow recruiters to contact job candidates on their phones using the ATS and even send job interview requests through text. This is a great way to save time,  speed up the process of scheduling interviews, and increase candidate flow to your jobs.

5) Reports & Analytics

With an Applicant Tracking System managing all of your sourcing and recruitment tasks, it will also serve as a great tool to run reports and capture key data for business purposes and record-keeping in seconds! Metrics such as applicant flow, job activity, ROI, and time-to-fill is captured by the system and will help keep you informed on your progress.


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