January 13, 2016 Varum Padmanabhan

Strategies for Effective Recruiting

Finding the Right Person

To have a successful company, you need to have successful people. Recruiting successful people can be very difficult, however we can simplify this task. The process should be short, sweet and right to the point. If the hiring manager tackles it the right way, then finding your future employees shouldn’t be so difficult. There are multiple different fields you can tackle to make sure the recruiting process is run efficiently.


One of the most frequently asked question is, “What difference can you make to benefit the company?” This question has always been important.  Businesses are always looking for the next big idea, and if someone can provide that, then the hiring process becomes even easier.


There should be no trouble with new employees understanding the company’s process. Based on past achievements and current knowledge, they should immediately fit right into the work environment and be able to face all problems currently affecting the workforce. This will allow for better communication, and the likeliness to build a better relationship in the office.

SpeedStrategies for effective recruiting

The hiring manager loves to see employees who work consistently and effectively. Interruptions and complications can delay progress; if the employee finds success by staying on task and developing a routine, then work will be done efficiently. No longer will you have to micromanage each employee, because projects and tasks will have already been completed.

Company Reputation

Social media can unfortunately ruin a company’s reputation. Something that is very important is employee’s social life seen through social media. It could easily jeopardize the business. If a potential employee has the chance to drag the company down, then obviously they are not the right fit. Background checks and social media investigations will assist in determining whether or not they are the correct candidate.

First Impressions

Finally, first impressions are everything. The handshake, the way you dress and that first hello will tell whether or not you could possibly be the right fit. Constant communication, eye contact and a respectful attitude are also key to a future successful employee. Each of these strategies in the recruiting process will most definitely help create a well designed and long lasting workforce.

Smart Recruiting

These recruiting strategies are very important to consider when running a company. You never know who you are really hiring until you get to know them. Developing some deep questions based off a resume, cover letter or even the applicant’s social media page are great ways to get long thought out answers. Never rush the process, but always take it serious. Remember the future of the company could be sitting right in front of you.