October 17, 2019 Pereless

Talent Will Reject Job Offers If You Do This…

Originally published by ATS OnDemand

Disrespect Them.

Job seekers and new hires want to feel respected and recognized beginning at pre-offer and beyond employee onboarding.  Without this, they are more likely to abandon job offers and look elsewhere. In fact, lack of respect was the number one reason talent decided against an offer.  

What constitutes disrespect?

Lack of communication

46% of respondents said they’d reconsider a job offer if they did not hear from someone between the time of acceptance to their first day of work.
Believe it or not, failing to communicate with new hires after they accept a job is common, and it could be an early sign of poor management culture. Communication puts new hires at ease and ensures they are prepared for what’s next.

No Recognition

“Recognition is one of the most important variables that influence candidates’ perspective throughout the hiring process.”

Nurturing new hires with reinforcement and recognition during onboarding demonstrates a healthy team dynamic. 60% of job seekers said praise and recognition was important during pre-offer and before their first day. This sets the tone for how they will be treated as employees. Don’t let a bad first impression scare your hires away!

Employee onboarding software

Technology exists to help us do things easier and faster. Employee onboarding software can fulfill all new hire expectations including communication, progress tracking, and recognition; all while streamlining the process for recruiters.

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