July 6, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

Three Reasons You Should be Hiring Freelancers

The Power of Numbers

Over the past 10 years,  the idea of freelance work has been becoming more and more popular as the years progress.  From the 42.6 million people that decided freelance work was for them in 2004 to the 53 million plus that are currently part of the freelance revolution shows that there are many opportunities to hire great work (Heather Huhman).

Of the 53 million freelancers,  almost 80 percent of them say that the popularity of freelance work is at an all time high and is growing exponentially (Ben Matthews).  With the growth of this trend,  it is a smart idea to throw around the idea of hiring freelance work around your office. So if you thought this was a fad that would blow over in a year or so, you may want to reconsider.

Vacancy: Come on In!   

Freelance work is a great way to fill in any vacant positions around your office.  Whether someone left your company or if you are experimenting with a new position and do not want to hire someone full-time, freelancers are a perfect fit.  There are times when you think creating a new position in your company is the best for business, so you go through the stages of hiring and hire a full time team member to soon realize it might not have been the greatest idea.  Instead of having the burden of firing a brand new employee or trying to fit that employee somewhere else, hiring a freelance employee that is only part of you company for a certain period of time seems to be a way more desirable option.

The hiring process can take is good amount of time to find the perfect candidate to fill the position, so to keep work flow steady and clients happy,  bringing in a freelancer makes it seem as if no one even left in the first place.

The Most Hectic Time of the Year

For each business there are periods of the year that are far more busier than others.  During these times, your office may seem chaotic and your employees can get stressed out.  There could be a lot of unnecessary tension running through the office that can easily be avoided if you hire some freelance help to take some of the pressure off of your full-time employees.  Think of them as coming in to pitch in relief for a struggling starting pitcher in a baseball game.  Freelance work can be a viable asset to help ease the workload of your full-time employees and makes your business run as smooth as possible.

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