November 27, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Tips for Hiring in the Summer

Depending on what type of business you have, summer might be either your slowest or busiest time of the year. Although summer may seem like a time for vacation and relaxation for many people, job applicants are often quite active at this time. No matter how busy your company is, the summer months are a good time to hire. Here are some tips to make the most out of your summertime hiring:

Seek out college graduates

Although experience might be an important part of some job positions, college graduates bring a fresh perspective to the workplace. In the summertime, many young people have just finished up their degrees and they are actively seeking employment. These new graduates are typically excited to get to work and can learn and adapt quickly. Try to tailor your job applications to be more open to new graduates and you will find yourself with a great pool of applicants.

Look for interns

If you are not entirely interested in hiring someone straight out of college for a full-time position, internships can be a great way to seek out potential new employees. An internship allows for you to test the waters and to see if someone who is currently a student could possibly work for you eventually. Internships can be brief and they allows for both the employer and the intern to gain different skills and experience. If you do end up eventually hiring an intern, he or she will already be familiar with the workplace and it will make the hiring process much quicker and easier.    

Conduct many interviews

As mentioned, candidates are quite active with job searching in the summer. Many people have a much looser schedule at this time, so use this to your advantage to conduct several interviews. This also means flexibility on your behalf, but conducting a wide range of interviews can sufficiently help you narrow down your job applicant pool.

Boost your social media

Since there are a lot of young people seeking employment in the summertime, this is the perfect time to frequently post on social media. Although active social media accounts are important all year round, make an attempt to reach a wider audience. Despite the warm weather, people still spend a sufficient amount of time browsing jobs in the air conditioning.

Some businesses may take a breather from hiring in the summer, but use this time to your advantage and find the best job candidates possible.


Victoria Leighton