October 9, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Top 3 Tips for Recruiting on a Budget

Hiring for a small business or start-up company can be tedious, you want the right candidates without going to extremes and breaking the bank to find them. Hiring the wrong candidate will only end up costing more. Most applicant tracking software comes at a hefty price, but here are some tips to help alleviate your financial stress during the hiring process.


  1. Focus on social media

It is important to make your job openings known through active and engaging social media postings. LinkedIn is the most useful for this, but other platforms such as Facebook or even Twitter and Instagram can boost your hiring process. In addition to this, keeping your company’s website and career page relevant and full of information to help reel in the right applicants. According to Talent Works, 59% of candidates use social media to find information about the companies that they are interested in. Frequent postings on social media is a sure way to help your recruiting process.


  1. Utilize employee referrals

The current employees at your company understand what makes it successful. They know what it takes to work there, so they will likely have a good idea about which of their friends or acquaintances have the right skills to fit in at the company. Of course, along with this you should conduct thorough interviews to be certain of the referrals. In terms of cost, simple word of mouth is one of the cheapest ways to hire. In addition to this, take advantage of local networking events and get out and meet potential candidates.  


  1.  Pick the most affordable applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system is essential for recruiting, even on a tight budget, but many applicant tracking systems can be quite costly and not entirely efficient. Look for an ATS that is not only affordable but provides all of the features that you need for hiring. At Pereless, we have never lost a deal due to price. We are the most affordable enterprise solution on the market.