May 22, 2018 Pereless

Upgrade Onboarding With This Tool…

Say Goodbye To The Filing Cabinet!

Hiring teams tasked with Onboarding new staff now have a major advantage: technology.  Not only can upgrading Onboarding processes save time, money, and improve workflow management, it will also provide a user-friendly and efficient process for new employees.  Important documents and tasks that are mandatory before beginning work can now be completed electronically and securely before an individual begins their first day.  Onboarding is an important step and can determine an employee’s ability to grow within a company.  Upgrading to an easy and coherent process will increase the likelihood of long-term success.

Upgrade Onboarding

  • Document Management:  Convert paperwork into electronic dopereless systems onboarding snapshotcuments and store them within a centralized and secure platform.  Assign documents for new employees to complete as needed.
  • Electronic Signature Capabilities:  Add electronic signature capabilities and allow individuals to sign documents virtually, instantly verifying they accept the contents of a document.
  • Team Notifications: Set up tasks for hiring teams to complete within a specified time and send an email alert
  • Employee Tasks: Set due dates and times for assigned documents new employees must complete
  • Send Onboarding Email: Customize your message and send new employees an email including a secure link to access Onboarding
  • Track Progress: Hiring teams can view the progress of assigned documents and tasks