July 20, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

Virtual Reality in Recruiting

Virtual Reality in recruiting is starting to prove useful when it comes to finding the right candidates.

Virtual reality has gone from being a gimmicky form of technology to a developed and useful tool used in many different fields.  Companies like PwC and General Mills were some of the first to incorporate VR into their recruiting process.  They are finding that strapping a VR headset on a potential hire to give them tours of facilities, and explain benefits/company procedures while on the tour.  Even the Navy is using VR to bring possible recruits into realistic naval simulations to give them a look at what it really is like to be in the Navy.  

As technology advances, it is important to advance with it.  It strengthens your company’s image and makes you company more attractive to candidates.  VR can really be the wow factor your recruiting team needs to really enhance your hiring process and impress quality candidates.  

Many times, there is a lot of uncertainty on what new hires should expect on their first day of a new job.

Incorporating virtual reality in recruiting washes away all of that uncertainty because people know exactly where they are working and procedures they are expected to follow before they even step into the office or facility.

If you are looking to get a leg up on competitors, virtual reality in recruiting could be just that.  It is something that not many companies are using, but is increasing in popularity.  If you hop onboard early, it shows that your company is cutting edge and a pioneer as opposed to joining the fad after it becomes industry standard a few years down the road.  

Time to take advantage of the amazing technology that is available to make your recruiting process the best it can possibly be.