October 23, 2015 Varum Padmanabhan

Where Are All My Applicants?

It’s no secret that more and more candidates are applying to jobs on the go. There has been a significant rise in the number of mobile applicants; though the numbers vary based on industry, the general consensus is the same. What does this mean for companies? Well it’s rather simple my dear Watson, it’s time to upgrade your recruiting process! You need to make sure your application and career pages are all mobile and responsive, this means that it can be viewed and easily navigated by applicants on their various mobile devices, whether it be a phone or tablet. A mobile and responsive career page and application process makes it easy to expand your reach to potential candidates.

Another co-trend with mobile applicants is the need and interest in an easy application process that still collects all the necessary and vital information a company wants from an applicant. A few Applicant Tracking Systems like us have started offering companies a quick and simple One-Page application for clients to fill out and it goes hand in hand with being mobile and responsive.social recruiting blog pic

The goal for companies is to obtain all the necessary information in the simplest and easiest way or applicants!

Now let’s go back to the point about job exposure. Going mobile with your application and career page is a great start but, this generation is constantly on their mobile devices doing other things, mainly social media. What better way to attract candidates than promoting your job openings and your company on those social media platforms? You promote your jobs to get the exposure needed, what better way to get it in front of a candidate than on a platform in which candidates are spending roughly 40% of their time on. But posting your job on social media only does so much, the important thing is to use this to build your company brand! Think about it, most people don’t just apply for a job just because it’s open, they do their research on the company to see how the culture is and what people are saying. Social Media is a great tool for companies to do this, it’s already used so much and its adds a personality which people can relate to! Some of the most successful companies use social media to promote their culture, promote events/news and interact with people.

Being Mobile and Social are great tools for a company to use, it offers them an opportunity to competitively leverage themselves from a marketing standpoint as well as entice quality candidates that are buying in to what the company is trying to do. So shouldn’t you be doing all you can to stay mobile and social?


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