November 9, 2018 Morgan Hennessy

Why You Should Use Social Media in Recruiting

Social Media has become a central focus in the lives of the people in our society today. Studies from the Pew Research Center display that in the United States alone, around 80% of people are using at least one social media account. On a smaller scale, 88% of people from the ages 18-29, are also using one account. This younger group are also the majority of people who are applying for jobs, right after graduating from college and looking to start a career. This also implies that this age group would most commonly be using ATS, the application tracking system used to apply for jobs. Now, more than ever, it is easy to connect with jobs through online systems and social media. Connecting your social media with ATS has many benefits when applying for jobs for the employer and the applicant.

Easy to find applicants

Due to the fact that ATS is an online system, it is harder to grasp someone’s personality and lifestyle through a simple application. By giving the applicants the option to connect their social media to ATS, you are able to look at an applicants life from a new angle. This is a benefit useful for employers looking to make the most out of their employees and develop a successful relationship in the future.

Making Connections

Through social media you are able to connect with people and look at mutual friends. It is also a way to associate the applicants interests and experiences to those of the people in the company to see if they would be fitting with other employees. It is important, especially in positions where employees will be working collaboratively, to find new employees who are compatible with their teams and able to get along with different types of people. By looking at an applicants social media, you are able to develop a better understanding and make connections to find the best fit for the company.

Applicants Become Informed

Most businesses have created social media pages to publicize and market their products. It is a beneficial way for people to see their products and what the company has to offer. It is also easy for applicants who want to learn more about the companies they are potentially applying to view their social media pages. They can see the company’s products, information about the employees and overall if they think they would fit in with the culture of the company. It is easy to learn a lot about a company from their social media, which can help bring in potential employees.

It is clear that connecting your social media when applying to a job using ATS benefits both the employer and the applicant. Employers can see who is applying, what kind of person they are and if they have any negativity on their posts. Applicants can research the company and develop interests based off of their pages. As long as the applicants are smart about their social media posts, it is beneficial from both sides to connect their social media pages to ATS.