August 11, 2017 Morgan Hennessy

4 Unique Hiring Strategies

There are many hiring strategies for attracting potential employees to your company. You can draw in candidates with tools other than social media and online postings.

1. Search outside of the US

Once your company is big enough, do not limit your job hires to only people in the US. Look into international hires. Many international candidates have the skills that you need and a foreign perspective can bring new ideas to the company.

2. Billboards

Although most people will search online for a job, a billboard in a more populated area is likely to gain quite a bit of attention, especially if you are looking to hire within a certain radius. Billboards will not only get your brand more visibility but it is also a unique way to display “Now Hiring.”

3. Creative business cards

Your business card can be a lot more than just a name and contact information. When spreading the word of your open job position, hand out some well-designed business cards. This shows that both you and the company that you are a part of are innovative and different. You can see some business card ideas here.

4. Use videos

You can have some typical social media postings to show that you’re hiring, but a creative or funny video may be more likely to attract candidates. You can find out more about creating a social media campaign here. This also sets your company apart from the competition. You can relate to your audience on a deeper level.

The job market is extensive and competitive, attracting the perfect hire is a process, but these small steps can at least bring your company some positive attention. After you have brought in several candidates through your creative hiring strategies, make sure that you have the best ATS to handle it.